February 21, 2011

Live Uncomplicated

Hello peoples!

I'm excited to be posting about my artwork more now. I have the perfect atmosphere for writing as well as being creative. The work day is over, the temperature is so comfortable that I'm chillin at home with the window open. No heat or air on, so no running up a high utility bill! lol. Good weather always puts me in the mood to be productive.

So anyway... I've decided to feature one of the paintings now for sell in my shop, called *Uncomplicated*.

It took me a minute to figure out what I wanted to call this piece. When I started the design I knew I wanted it to be something simple. Often times I like to use a lot of color in my work, but this particular time I wanted this piece to pop, without slapping you in the face! Aaaaaaaaaand you just can't go wrong with black and white. It's a winner every single time.

I don't have any pictures of the painting process, however I do have the original sketch of the idea. How this idea came about is, I was thumbing through a magazine and this ad showed a tiger lily. It was very pretty, and colorful (orangey with black spots), and it loudly whispered to me and said, 'HEY! Yeah I'm talking to you... Don't you want to draw me?' What else could I say, but 'YES! Yes, I do!' and so I did.

I didn't want it to look like just another flower painting of some pretty petals, so I decided to go BIG and do a close-up. I thought about adding some more dimension, but it just seemed wrong for the look I was going for. So what was born is what you see today in the first picture featured. I really and truly like this piece and have hung it in my own home, but why not share it with the world to bring peace and joy to someone else, right? Right!

So enjoy your day/night.. I'm out!


A. Sparkle

February 19, 2011

Grand Opening!!!


It's taken some hard work and over a year to build up the courage to be ready, but it's official... It's time for the Grand Opening of my new shop on Etsy.com, Eclectic Oasis! As you can see below, I've been doing some last minute tweaking. Not glamorous, but necessary.

Stop by to visit me and add what you like, as one of your favorites! If you choose to buy something feel free to contact me with any questions by email at eclecticoasisart@aol.com or on Etsy.com if you have an account.

More posts to follow soon about the art that I have featured in the shop! Thanks!


A. Sparkle
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