December 31, 2009

A Day at the Lake

I had a need to get out of the house the other day and just spend some time alone with myself. I thought about going to Starbucks and acting like I was all trendy and shit, but I didn't feel like spending any money. So I slapped on my white sunshades, grabbed the current book I was reading and headed out to the lake nearest me.

I've been coming to this same lake off and on since I was little girl. My parents used to take me there to fly kites and I just thought that was the best thing in this whole wide world. So on this day it was quite peaceful, the water was calm, and the ducks were out looking for any fools who were brave enough to get close enough to feed them. I wasn't about to get out of the car so that I could get snapped at by some duck with an attitude, so I just chilled in Spike (my car) and got lost in my book. I'm currently reading 'Midnight', by Sister Souljah. Very... very.. good book. I highly recommend it.

Nothing special happened there at the lake, but it was a nice get away to just sit there and be. I guess you could say that it's one of my happy places. Where is your happy place?


December 29, 2009

Somebodies at the Door

Wassup folks?

I was having a lovely dinner with my mother when all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. Now you have to understand that in our neighborhood, no one EVER comes to the door. Ever... Especially not at night. We don't even get the occasional Jehovah's Witness. In other words, no one should've been at our door at 5pm, because we don't have people that we know that just drop by. (I make it sound like we are in a dangerous neighborhood, but we aren't.. lol)

So my mom asks, 'Who is it?' and the guy states his name. Next thing I know this guy is saying 'Hi, I'm with (insert whatever the organization is) and we are having a contest where we are trying to see who can meet the most friendly and non-threatening people first.' I just had to fall out laughing!! For real? Who really says they are trying to meet friendly and non-threatening people? Anyway, so my mother asks 'What do we have to do so that you can prove that you've met all these people?' Of course he was selling something and of course we didn't buy anything.

It's surprising to me how people still go door to door trying to sell items. I'm not the one.. Knocking on peoples door all day everyday is for the birds. This young man was very brave and this funny little meeting really kinda made my day. I love funny moments like this. Until the next great happenstance..


December 27, 2009

Shoppers Delight

Whad up,

You've got to love holiday shopping and discounts. In past years I have gone shopping to find great discounts and I ended up buying more things for me than gifts for my friends and family! I mean.. how can you pass up a great deal? But I have a plan for next year..

  1. start a Christmas savings account
  2. begin my shopping after Thanksgiving
  3. buy all Christmas deco and tools AFTER the holiday (great discounts)
  4. finally.. buy my own gift while all the 'after Christmas sales' are going on

Now whether this all comes together, who knows.. But this is my map for success. So today I actually went to Old Navy in search for some $15 jeans. Instead I ended up with three shirts, one of which was only $1.49!!!!!!! A freakin dollar forty-nine!! You can't beat that with a stick...
So did you find any great deals?


December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Whasupper all,

I hope everyone who is celebrating Christmas has done all of their shopping and is enjoying spending time with their families. I feel very thankful that I get to spend this year with mine instead of having to be at work or living too far away from them. I still need to wrap some of my gifts, but that shouldn't take too long to get done. :) Oddly enough my mom informed me that we weren't doing gifts this year and then turned right around and asked me what I wanted for Christmas! lol!

I just feel thankful for what I have at this point in my life so I cant really think of anything that I could want at this time. Not for real, for real anyway. I'm planning to do my traditional Christmas night things of course...

  • stay up late wrapping gifts
  • listening to Christmas music all night (or until I get annoyed and turn it off)
  • sitting in front of the tree enjoying the magic of the lights while everyone else is fast asleep and maybe stealing a cookie or two

Speaking of cookies.. when I still believed in Santa, I remember I thought it was very crucial to leave him milk and cookies. I would be upset when he didn't drink all the milk or eat all the cookies, like he had personally offended me or something! lmao!! Anyway, what are you hoping for this Christmas?


October 26, 2009

New Beginings

Well well now,

It has been many weeks since I have written anything on here. Main reason being that my life had become very busy and turned upside down. Just when you think you have your life and direction figured out, BAM!! It takes a 180.. I'm not in a very positive mood right now and I'm trying not to think about a lot of things that have happened over the course of these last two months. But without being overly negative here's what has been happening...

I've gotten laid off from my job. I say good riddance to those chains, b/c I didn't like being there anyway. It was a very stressful job and it was definitely effecting who I was. I never want to go to call center life again, b/c well... It just plain sucks to have to sit there and listen to people complain about something that has Absolutely nothing to do with you, and to have to do it with a smile all the while. Do us customer service reps a favor and keep your personal business to yourself, b/c even though we may act like we care and we show you empathy and say we are 'SO sorry that happened...' really we just don't give a damn AND we talk about you after we've slammed the phone down in frustration at your silly ass. I'm just keepin it real with you.. lol

Let's see what else.. I'm now living in Tennessee again and no longer in Georgia for reasons that I just don't feel like getting into on the internet. It's good to be back in TN to hang out with my 'friends' and to see my parents. Surprisingly enough I do miss being in GA and having access to a lot more shopping and certain stores. However I do NOT miss the traffic.. lol.

So I'm in a transition period right now and trying to figure some things out. The way I'm looking at things, is that it has all happened for a reason. What that reason is.. I haven't the foggiest! I'm just looking for signs, listening, and waiting for something to happen. So that's my little rant for the day.


August 10, 2009

New Ventures

Wassup folks?

I'm totally geeked at the fact that I plan on starting my own online store in the near future on In case you've never heard of Etsy before, it's a site where you can buy all kinds of homemade wonderfulness! They have art, jewelry, quilts, books, and anything else you can think of that can be made by your hands. Initially I wanted to sell my paintings on there, but I've come to realize that I don't produce work quick enough to really make any money off of that. I'm still working on a painting that I started a couple of months ago, so yeah... that ain't gonna work. I can hear my art teachers now fussing at me about not working fast enough. You just can't rush quality work. I digress though..

Instead.... I have taught myself to crochet and it's coming along nicely. I'm pretty sure that I will learn a lot more over time. Currently I'm making scarves in time for winter and next I will probably move on to hats. I love crocheting, because it's a quick and easy creative outlet. So yes, this is one of my first projects. Sorry about the picture looking so yellow. I had bad lighting. If you can't tell it is actually grass green and creme. It's not totally finished yet. I still need to sew in the loose strands of yarn but that is a quick fix.

I'm pretty proud of it and I made it in only two and a half days. Now the question is will it sell? Who knows... My dream is to make things and sell enough of them to where I can quit my current job, because I'm making enough money off of what I love making. Hmmm.. being my own boss sounds absolutely fabulous! Anyway.. I have a new scarf that I'm working on now and hopefully I'll be finished with it soon. Ok, that's it.

August 2, 2009

Violently Bored!!!

Hello Everyone,

I really hate saying that I am bored, because there really are plenty of things that I could be doing to keep myself amused, but I AM bored. Mainly I'm missing my Beloved, because he is out of town right now with no cell phone signal out in the boonies somewhere. I truly feel like my profile picture of 'Meh'.

You don't know what 'Meh' means, you say? Well it's as if someone asks you what you would like to eat for dinner and you have no clue as to what you have a taste for. So when they ask, 'Hey, how about Red Lobster?' Since you don't care, you just say 'Meh', because your not opposed or for this decision and you just go along for whatever.

So I'm sitting here writing, contemplating if I want to watch the movie Hairspray again, watching the kittens outside play fight and attack each other (hilarious!!!!), and wondering if I want to go buy a toaster, because I've been craving some toast ever since last weekend when I visited my parents. So much swirling around.

Ok, well it's time for breakfast. Ciao!

July 15, 2009

Hiding in the Bathroom


I hope everyone is having a great week. Here is a little blog snack that I just have to post. This is totally embarrassing, but I gotta share with someone, why not you??

Soooo, I'm at work the other day, right? And I have to go to the bathroom really reeeeeeally bad!!!!!!! BAD!! But in the women's bathroom there are only two stalls, one if which was broken.. (nothing new there, they are always breaking down) It was getting rather crowded in there.. I'm talking about a line had taken form. I just knew that I wasn't gonna make it and there was only one other option.....

The dreaded 'Warehouse bathroom from Hell!!!' :::queue spotlight on face, big bloodshot eyes and evil laugh:::

I had heard that mostly men only used this bathroom (its unisex), which is reason enough to leave it alone, but when you have to go, you must GO. So I made the trek to the warehouse and opened the bathroom door, to be greeted with water leaking which I believe was from the toilet and the most foul smell I think I've ever smelled in my life! It smelled something like rotten eggs and upchuck.. So not only am I in this heinous bathroom with this smell and questionable 'water' on the floor, the next thing I know... Some GUY is walking in the bathroom....... I saw his loafers walk by and I don't think that he knew I was in there, even though there is only ONE stall, but I just became very very very quiet and didn't move or breathe for fear that it could turn into and fiasco. So he just walks up to the urinal and proceeds to pee while I'm in there. Ew! Ew! Ewwwwwwwwwww ew! And if that wasn't bad enough I knew who it was by his shoes, and.... AND he didn't even wash his hands!!!!

I... wanted... to... pass... out! Just gross... So after he left which thankful he didn't take long, I got out of there as fast as a could, and now I live with the shame!! I feel traumatized for life now, lol.
So there you have it. Exciting bathroom times at work. Ciao!

July 5, 2009

Friendly get Together


Earlier this afternoon we had a friend and her 7 children over and she made a BANGIN lasagna, salad and garlic bread! Actually they are still here and the kids are hanging out at the pool. It's nice to finally have people over to hangout. I know this picture doesnt look the best, but's de-lish-ous!!! I even love the burnt cheese. You don't even have to ask if I had seconds, because you know I did. :)

Now we just chillin out watchin Total Recall and talking about all these celebs dieing. I don't know if y'all follow football or not, but did you hear about Steve McNair and some girl being shot?? What's really going on in the world? First my favorite musician of all time, Michael Jackson dies of a heart attach of all things and now this.. I think that there is foul play a foot here. I guess everything will eventually come out in the open. Ciao!

New Editions to the Family

Happy Post Independance Day!

I hope everyone had a great one. Me and Beloved were going to go to downtown Atlanta, but we didn't feel like fighting major traffic. I'm kinda glad we didn't go because we would've taken and hour trip just to see a 20 min show! Whatever happened to the shows that were 30 min to 1 hr? Next year we are planning to go up to NYC to visit with family and to see the fireworks show that Macy's does every year. It looks amazing on tv, so it should be pretty awesome in person!

Moving on.. These little cuties are the new kittens of the stray that lives on our patio. You can't really see their faces, but they are SOOOO adorable!!! There are three of them if you can't tell, one orange and two white ones.

In a couple of weeks we are planning to adopt one and bring him/her into live with us. Of course it will need to get its shots and everything, but after that, it should be all good. This will be my first real pet, and I'm geeked! I mean.. I have fish and everything right now, but you can't cuddle and pick up fish, ya know? Well.... I guess you could, but ew.. lol. It's rather strange to think about how I used to hate cats and now I'm thinking of bringing one into my house. I guess people really do change.

*><*Update on the painting*><* I did decide to go with the deep purple and it's looking great so far. I can see now that it's gonna take quite a while to finish this, because there is a lot of detail and small spaces that I have to paint within. I will have picture updates soon though.

Alright kiddies I'm calling it a night. Ciao!

June 30, 2009

Almost done!!

Hello All,

I am totally geeked at the fact that I am almost finished with my painting, yay! Waaaaay back a few months ago I posted another thread showing the begining stages of this. Anyways, if you can't tell these are 3 separate canvas to make one picture of this woman in peaceful thought.

I've gotten 'rave reviews' so far and all I mostly have left to do is paint the hair a nice deep purple or fusha.. I havent decided yet.. I will more than likely do the deep purple though. Of course I gotta touch up the face and smooth out some places and then it will be ready to sell. You can tell me what you think if you like good or bad. Well its time to paint while I'm in the mood. Ciao!

June 23, 2009

Red is the new Black


Although I'm feeling dead tired, here I am still up writing like an a$$ clown! Oh, well I felt the need to write. Really my mind is trying to avoid thinking about something stressful and this is the alternative. The show must go on...

I went into Pier 1, one of my favorite stores for home decor and such on one of my lunch breaks last week and saw a few wonderful pieces that I am coveting. I can't even tell you how great it is to have an hour lunch break, but anyhoo.. I was milling around the clearance section and saw this 'jar'. My kitchen has red accents and I thought it would go in there perfectly. It wouldn't do to shabby of a job as a cookie jar either.

So I'm touching everything that I see that I like as I continue walking. (I do this simply because my mother never let me touch anything when we went into stores, in fear that I would break something) I then round the corner to find this painting.

It has a Andy Warhol feel with the repetition of the figure, but I like it. A lot... Very peaceful and I'm drawn to the red for some reason. After Monday I realized that my new color for the summer is gonna be red. I feel a good connection to it right now, and some believe that it is the color that helps to keep you grounded. Two of my co-workers even told me that I looked really good in red! Yay, for me, ^5.

Yeah.. that's it for now. Ciao!

June 17, 2009

Fish in the Sewer

Wassupper peoples,

Out of all places, when I was leaving Wal-Mart I saw this...

Although I'm not a fan of the way fish look, (especially catfish :::shudders:::) I just thought that it was awesome that the sewer cover had some sort of art on it, rather that it just saying 'sewer'.. Idk, maybe I'm just special but I thought that that was great and it put a smile on my face.

It's nice when you find surprising things like that and it brightens your day. What small thing have you noticed that has shed some sunshine on your day?


June 14, 2009

It is done

Hey there peoples,

I'm sure that I've mentioned that I'm kinda getting into yarn projects and whatnot like crocheting and knitting. Well I've just finished my first crochet project. Really I stole the idea from one of Beloved friends. We were visiting with her one wknd and she had a hoop sitting in her living room with earrings hanging on it. For those of you who dont know what a hoop is, it is a the wooden circle thing you see old women use when that are embordering a piece of fabric. It holds the fabic tight and in place so that you may work easily on it. (or at least that's what my mommy told me)

So I decided to make my own verison, simply because I have an addiction to jewelry and such and my jewelry boxes are overflowing! Sad I know, but what can you do? So I basically made a large square and hung it on the wall with push pins and then proceeded to hang my earrings and necklaces on it. Idk why I hadnt thought of doing that before because it is a genius idea! Now Im moving on to my next project which will be a fabulously wide headband for when I'm having a horrific fuzzy hair day.

Even tho doing this is kinda old lady-ish I really enjoy it and it's relaxing. Hopefully I get good enough to start selling some things soon and make some 'side hustle' money. Ok that's all kiddies. Ciao!

June 8, 2009



So I've been breaking the law for the last couple of days or so. My car tags are expired. Don't shake your head at me.. As always I procrastenated and waited till the end of the month to get my emissions done and then failed because of my engine. Boooooo to emissions. I hate getting it done.

See I tried to be sneaky about the whole thing. My check engine light as been on for oh... um... a little over a year or so. I thought it was no big deal because it would go on and then it would be gone like a month later. In my mind it was some sort of glitch. So I had Beloved check my codes with his car computer reader thingy (great device) and clear my codes that way I could get my emissions done with no check engine light on. So I go get it done and the man takes my card to charge me $25.00 (insane! what happened to $10.00?) and then has the nerve to tell me my car failed!! AND how about the only reason I failed was because the codes in the computer of my car were cleared away. So in other words...... if your codes have been cleared by you or from having your car worked on, emissions aint playing around and they will fail your a$$! lol... I laugh now... but it was soooo not funny at the time.

So I stopped driving my car and did the carpool thing to work. But to my surprise, someone in maintience (punks) walked around checking all of the cars to see who's tags expired so that they could get towed! So I had a nice little orange sticker in the middle of my window to indicate to tow. That kinda pissed me off only because if I had driven my car I wouldn't have even had that sticker. But my Beloved, the sweetness that he is, scraped it off for me.

At least a funny occurance did happen. When I was riding to work with my friend we saw this guy jogging down the street. Let me describe... Imagine if you will an old man with clown hair, (you know.. bald on top and hair on sides) buff and sweaty w/no shirt, SHORT shorts I'm talking about barely covering the butt, and some sort of dirty white fabric tied around his head like he was the Karate Kid or something, tennis shoes and long old man socks!!?!?! It was not a pretty sight people.. And since then I have seen him almost everyday going to work. I tried to take a picture, but we were laughing too hard and moving to fast. Lol, oh well. Ok, that's it and more updates later. Ciao!

June 2, 2009

Finally.. pictures from my b-day

Hello everybody,

So I attempted to put load my pics again and even tho it took all night here they are! So here are the flowers the 'Rents sent me at work. Aren't they pretty?

This is the glorious spinach cheese dip I had at the Cheesecake Factory. I meant to take a pic of the cheesecake too, but I was too excited and before I knew it, it was all gone! What's your favorite cheesecake?

And finally theses are the pics in the restaurant. I love all the artwork around the place.

So there we go, enjoy, and more to come soon. Ciao!

May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Hello Everyone!

I'm happy to say that yesterday was my birthday (May 29th)! Another year has been completed and I'm excited to find out what this new age will hold. Hopefully it's a good year. Although I didn't do anything outlandish today I did enjoy it quite a bit.

So I was just minding my own business at work when all of a sudden my friend sits some flowers on my desk. It turns out that they were from my loving parents! I was soooooo surprised. They came to my job the day before my b-day, since I wasn't gonna be there at work. (there was no way I was working on my b-day)

So What did I do on my birthday? Beloved treated me to the Cheesecake Factory, which is always delish. We had this cheesy spinach with tortilla chips, pico de giao, and sour cream. Sooooooooo good!!!! Yes... you know I got some cheesecake too. I got the fresh banana creame cheesecake.. mmmmm ::::drooling:::: Then we went to the movies to go see 'Night at the Museum'. It was a good movie. But I expected it to be since I enjoyed the first one.

Ok you guys, normally I'd have pictures of all this stuff, just blogger what to be and a$$ clown and not upload my pics. I feel like I'm on punishment for not having posted in a long time. Oh well. I hope it starts working soon. Hope everyone is having a great wknd. Ciao!

May 13, 2009

The Program

Yes, I'm back!

What's it been, like two weeks?? Did you know that I was gone? Well I'm here and ready to write again. I can't say that I was really that busy, but I was going through some issues. Idk about you guys but whenever I'm going through something then I just want to deal with it on my own. I'm still a work in progress, but I'm good.

So I felt the need to tell you all about this new workbook that I found by Leslie Sandsone. It was less than $4.00 at Books A Million, so I figured if I didn't like it I was only out four bucks. It's a pretty nice book. She explains how to be healthy and lose weight you need to start new good habits that way you eliminate the bad ones in the process. For example, I used to drink a lot of pop (or soda depending on where you're from) and its pretty common knowledge that it makes you bloated and fills you up really fast. So of course she advises that you drink 8 glasses of 8oz of water everyday. Now before I started I was like 'Yeah right! There's no way I can't drink that much water. I don't even drink that much liquid in general in a day!' But I gave it a try and am proud to say that I am successful and it wasn't even as hard as I thought it would be. I've been following the book for like a week and a half now and sometimes I find that I drink more than 8 glasses! So I think that is pretty awesome. (grin)
The other things she has you do is make sure you eat breakfast instead of just having coffee (yuck) or just nothing at all, she suggests that you don't watch tv, drive, or work while trying to eat because if you do then it causes 'mindless eating'. I didn't think I was doing that, but I do notice a difference when I'm just chilling out and eating as opposed to lets say eating and watching tv. I tend to enjoy my food more when I'm not distracted.
Basically it's common sense stuff in the book like eating a variety of foods, advising to do low impact workouts, and drinking water. But she makes it fun by giving you recipes to try, having you write notes about the experience, and marking off each glass of water you've had throughout the day. It makes you feel more accountable, or at least it makes me feel that way. Dude, I know this sounds like a total commercial, but I just really like this book. Ok, so I'm gonna wrap up here so I can go workout. Ciao!

April 21, 2009

Keep on Trucking


In an effort to stay healthy, I decided to go ahead and make my banana muffins this evening. It's really just banana bread put into muffin tins. I think muffins are waaaaay more fun that bread, but that's just me. And now that I think about it, they are easier to tote around as a snack too. I think they came out okay. I tried a few new ingredients to make it more healthy, but still tasty.

Here is the rundown on the particulars that when into this creation:
  • 1/2 cup canola oil
  • 1/4 cup of sugar (normally I'd use 1 cup)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 very ripe bananas (normally I like them to be overly ripe. I'm talking about lots of brown spots and softness. They are more sweet like that, but I was impatient!!)
  • 1/2 cup organic apple sauce, no sugar added (to keep it extra moist)
  • pinch of salt
  • a couple of teaspoons of Cinnamon
  • 2 cups of wheat flour (sifted)

They actually turned out pretty tasty. I got a little worried when I was mixing everything, because the batter was very dry when I used the wheat flour. (It was the 1st time I've used any) But adding the apple sauce helped a lot. They smelled absolutely wonderful while they were baking. The only thing that I think was strange after they were finished was that they didn't rise very much. I'm thinking that it was from the wheat flour, but I'm not sure. From the picture I know that they probably look like cookies, but I assure you that they are indeed muffins! lol.

I'm sad to report that I have gained back all 4lbs that I had lost, but it's a new week and a new day. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. It's just time to start over and use this as motivation. I did actually workout tonight for about 25 mins to the P90X video. It will seriously kick your butt! It's really fun though. Me and Beloved made a commitment to workout every day this week after I get off work, so that should be kool. Well it's past my bedtime.


April 19, 2009


Hey there,

It was a really good day. So I did go shopping with my friend from work and the name of the store was 'Synchronicity'. According to the dictionary it means: the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.

Great store. I felt really good and relaxed after I left out of there. So they had stuff like, candles, pendulums, crystals, jewelry, clothes, books, incredibly soothing music, etc... Here are the yummy fun things that I got.

  • Candle - For Motivation
  • 3 Stones
  • Ankh necklace
I've been looking for an Ankh for quite a while now. I used to have two of them. One I gave away because I didn't wear it at all anymore and the other one I lost while I was walking to the bus stop to go to the airport. I was SO mad about that! When I saw this one it just yelled out to me and said, 'Here I am. Take me home!' I do like it a lot, because its the perfect size (although I want a longer chain for it) and it has silver and gold on it so I can wear it with either metal, yay!
The three stone are (left) Petrified Wood, (right) Aventurine, and (bottom) Smokey Quartz.

I'll explain what each of the stones are for.

  • Petrified Wood - Connection to earth and nature. Rids one of petty annoyances, provides strength, grounding, and insight. It's a powerful meditation stone
  • Aventurine - Spirituality, contentment, stability, strength, peace, and meditation
  • Smokey Quartz - 'Stone of Cooperation', It collects scattered energy, dissolves negative energy, emotional blockages, and protection

I've never used stones for when I meditate, (which isn't really that often) but what's life without trying new things, right? Boring!!!! So here's to something new. Have a great day.


April 17, 2009

My Favorite Things

Happy Friday Everyone!
I'm really glad its finally the wknd, yay! In celebration of the wknd I've decided to share some newly acquired things and some oldies, but goodies. I wish I could do some more shopping and I just might tomorrow. I'm supposed to be going to a store with one of my co-workers, so I should have plenty of pictures to share with you tomorrow. So... What do we have here?

  • Sterling silver bracelet
  • Blue tinted glasses
  • Africa shaped earrings

I got this lovely piece back in March. Me, Beloved and his sister were in this Vintage Consignment shop and she pointed out this bracelet. It was only 10 smack-a-roos! I love a great price for awesome pieces! I really like the negative spaces on the sides and the flower design on top.

Here's a close up of the earrings so you can see the design better. What's it say? Pres. Obama!!!! I gotta show my President some love and support. And as a plus I get to support local jewelry makers. I saw the guy who's store I got them from make some by hand. He carves in the lettering and dyes them as well. They are Pretty awesome and I LOVE LOVE them!
I didnt do a close up of the glasses simply because every picture I took came out fuzzy and well.. everyone knows what glasses look like. Black frame. Blue tint. Nothing more to it. I found them in a bag of sunglasses I had buried and forgotten about. I think I've had them since 1996, so yeah.. they're old. I actually wore them today because they matched my outfit and I felt pretty good about wearing them. Nothing like starting a trend (or bringing it back rather).
So that's it kiddies.. Ciao!

April 15, 2009

It's a Battle

As I have stated a few posts back, I challenged my besties to a 'Biggest Loser' (to be cliche) competition. I think it's been a slow start for all of us. I decided to take a pause for the cause and look back at what's working, what's not, and what is it that I need to be doing better.
Idk why, but I always seems to either do good with my eating habits or with my amount of exercise. Recently I've been concentrating more on the exercise and not so much on the food.. and it's definitely showing. The scale's saying I'm gaining back the weight I lost, but I don't feel like I am. My clothes are still fitting well and feeling more comfortable. I think what I'm going to do is concentrate more on my food intake for the next couple of days. Not to say that I'm not going to still workout I just want to get myself back on track with my eating.
So I had a breakfast of champions, while my Beloved had some freakin pancakes with gobs and gobs of syrup! What do we have here in the picture?
  • Watermelon (seedless)
  • oatmeal (no butter or sugar added)
  • half a banana sliced
It was surprisingly filling and it hit the spot. My other meals weren't the best, but they weren't horrible either. I have read a host of books that say that their way is best to lose weight, its fast, it's easy, blah blah blah. Everyone has a different theory, so who's is right? Here's mine.. if you have a balanced diet, like going back to the food pyramid and you eat small meals throughout the day then you'd be eating healthy and boosting your metabolism, therefore causing normal weight loss as long as your including exercise and lots of water. We shall see.

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and All That Jazz

Happy Easter to one and all!

It's been a productive day so far. I didn't really celebrate the holiday and have a big dinner and present the little kiddies with baskets full of goodies. Mainly because I don't live near any family, but it's still been a nice day.

I washed Spike which is my car, it's a 2 door red Ford Focus. It's all shiny and clean and it almost looks brand new. I did all that work to find out that it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Kind of a bummer, but what can you do?
This lovely piece of artwork is the new skin I have on my laptop. I love it. LOVE IT!!! When I have it open the drawn on lady looks like she's sitting on the table/floor/my lap. Beloved bought it and applied it on my laptop for me. He's totally my hero. Not just for doing that, no. He is also the captor of all bugs that sneak their nasty little creepy, crawly, bodies into our house. They have broken the bug/human pact once they set foot in the house. When I'm outside, I don't bother or kill them. But if they come inside, all bets are off and everyone is taken as a prisoner and made an example out of! Death to all animals that have more than 4 legs!!!! :::letting out warrior cry:::

Anyhoo, time to watch The Simpson's.


April 9, 2009

The Little Things


As I often try to, I look at my life and see the positive things that occur and what really makes life worth living. I think it's a good exercise to do, because it makes you realize all the things in your life that really are good. I had a melancholy kinda day so I tried to stay upbeat so as not to think about all the things I want to accomplish that I haven't done yet.

All I know is that even though I'm completely sick of my job and the people I work with I still have to do it. I work in customer service so I have to talk and deal with a lot of idiots all day long. It doesn't help that some of my co-workers are annoying idiots as well. Its just too much to deal with sometimes, ya know. So to cheer myself up I took some pictures of my favorite place to be around my job.

During my lunch I always go sit outside so I can enjoy the silence and the scenery of nature. You might not be able to tell, but there is a flat grassy area and then I lovely huge drop off. No I've never been in there and I don't plan on it either. I've seen some people at my job who smoke that go back behind some bushes near the drop off. They are some brave souls. Lately there have been some workmen walking deep down in the forest in that drop off and cutting down trees. Why? I'm not sure. I just might ask one of them some day.Like almost everyday I take a nap on my lunch hour in my car near this foresty area and a couple of days ago one of my co-workers ups and tells me that one time the police found a dead body down in that drop off!!!! A d-e-a-d body!!!! ewwww ew ew ew ew! That was a little un-nerving, but I still take my naps. lol! I haven't seen any strange activity out there before, but when you think about it, who wouldn't throw a dead body down there. Its a large ditch.. Can you really be surprised that I dead body was found. Nope. Tomorrow is Friday, which is always positively charged, so everyone go forth and have a great day.


April 5, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Relaxing


I'm really enjoying my Sunday. I feel totally relaxed right now. I'm just sitting here enjoying the breeze flowing in from my balcony, because I have the door open and listening to R. Kelly's Happy People album and a mix of other songs. There is nothing like a day off to just do anything you want to do.

Yesterday me and Beloved felt like getting out of the house so we went to Peachtree City to do some window shopping. Of course there is shopping near us, but we were tired of going to the same old places. One of the stores we went into was Williams-Sonoma. I can't afford most of the things in there, but the staff is warm and friendly and it's nice to dream. They had some copper pots and pans in there that looked nice but were like $400.00-600.00!! I asked the saleswoman what the difference was btw them and the stainless steel. She said the only difference is, is that they look nicer on display and they heat up quicker...... I'm like this.. If I'm paying 4-600.00 dollars for a pot/pan it better talk to me and cook the meal too! I might buy that if I was rich and that price seemed like chump change, but other than that it will stay on the shelf in the store.

After shopping we went to the movies in Morrow. It was a pretty large theater and surprisingly enough it wasn't that crowded. Idk if it was like that because it was a late movie or what, but anyway... We went to go see 'The Haunting in Connecticut'. I thought that it was a good movie, but Beloved thought it was mediocre. If you have seen the trailer then you know it's about ghosts and supernatural activity. I haven't experienced any strong ghostly encounters, but I know they do exist. I have said it once and I'll say it again. You don't phuck with the spirits and death. (pardon my french) You just don't. When I think back, I now understand why my parents never let me have and mess with a Ouija board, lol. Too many bad things can happen. But I do recommend seeing it. If your expecting blood and gore, don't. It's not that type of movie.

Moving on...

I wanted to have a picture for this post (because I always do), but I forgot my camera. I like to keep it real for you and not use pictures taken by someone else. Then again.. you may not even care. But I think it adds a personal touch. :) I think I will read my newly acquired book now and pittle the day away.


April 2, 2009

So Far So Good


So its the 2nd day of the contest and I felt like I was doing good, until I stepped on the scale and I had gained a couple of ounces.. But at least it didn't say that I had gained a couple of pounds! I actually exercised even though I didn't feel like it, and I came home to this delish stir-fry that My Beloved made. What's in it?
  1. Spaghetti noodles
  2. corn
  3. shrimp
  4. crab (imitation)
  5. green beans
  6. peas
  7. scallops
  8. peppers
  9. broccoli
  10. teriyaki sauce

It was pretty tasty. It had plenty of veggies and maybe too much meat. But hey! I wasn't the one cooking. I'll do better tomorrow. Time to do some spring cleaning and re-arranging.


April 1, 2009

Spring Competition

Its finally Spring, which means that summer isn't to far behind! yay! I really don't care for Spring other than the fact that it means warmer weather and flowers and trees are blooming. Too much rain for my taste. This picture of the tree is right in front of my apartment. I love just sitting back and looking at that beauty of nature when I'm just thinking or when I'm being nosey and seeing what's going on outside.
Now that it's April, I proposed a contest between me and my BFF's. I told them we should see who can lose the most weight in one month for a small prise of $25.00 or a gift card or something like that. I've been struggling to get motivated for a while now, so I think that this is a perfect way to do it. I'm very competitive and I hate to lose, so I think that I will do well. Wish me luck!

March 28, 2009

The Note After the Party

Hey Everybody,

So I'm finally in Tennessee chillin at my parents house. It's been a really good weekend so far. I actually woke up at 4:30am after going to bed at 1am and felt wide awake.. Why? idk, but my Dad happened to be up too and we proceeded to have a 2 hr long conversation about everything and nothing at all. It was awesome. And then we both passed out on the couches in the living room. And let me tell you couch sleep is some if the best sleep!!

I went to see one of my best friends after I had a great breakfast. Breakfast is the best meal especially when you don't have to cook it, when it reminds you of your childhood, and most importantly you don't have to clean the dishes afterwards. (Although, being a house guest it is polite to offer) I didn't realize how much I missed being around my best friends or hanging out with friends in general. Why don't I hang out with friends? That's another thread for later.

So we went to my Granddaddy's birthday get together at this eatery called the Catfish House. I really REALLY don't like catfish, but luckily for me they had chicken. yay! So the food was great and I got stuffed. I was reeeeeally stuffed, although I'm a little hungry right now. I'm so having a midnight snack after I get finished with this. Yummy!

So we (Me, Beloved, Mom & Dad) get back to the house and we see that there is a huge branch that has fallen from the tree in front of my parents condo and as we approach we see leaves and wood imbedded into my mothers car! Imbedded!!!!!!!!!!!! So oddly & surprisingly nicely enough there was a note taped to the front door from one if the neighbors saying that he had removed the branch from the car and that there was damage to the windshield wiper. :::Sad face::: But at least no major damage was done, like a broken window or something like that.

So it was a good day with an odd end, but still a good time was had with a lot of pictures, smiles, and Granddaddy was surprised and happy. Ok, that's all.


March 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home


I'm very excited to be going home this weekend to Tennessee. Me and my Beloved are going up there to a surprise birthday party for my Grandfather. I'm not sure how much family is supposed to be showing up, but fun should be had by all. I wish my favorite cousin was gonna be there, but he's all the way out in Cali. Can't expect people to travel half way across the country in these hard times. ::sigh::

Whenever I go outta town, it's always for only a weekend and it never seems like there is enough time to get everything accomplished. And for this reason I never try to visit friends while I'm there. Bad to admit, I know... But my friends are kinda flaky, so when I actually try and see them there seems to be a reason that they have to back out. (i.e. no babysitter, no ride, gotta work, it's raining, or they just don't answer their phone) They sound like some punks, don't they?

Yep.. That's because they are. That's why I don't call them.

I like just chillin with the 'Rents anyway. They like to go out and do stuff, they act silly with me, they are hilarious, and we have actual intelligent conversations! You cant beat the free room and food too. It's sweeeeeeeeeet. My parents are THE greatest!! It's about time for another roadtrip anyway, so I'm glad this event has come up.


March 22, 2009

Debate Night


I'm always on the lookout for new places to chill out and have a good time. So, on Thursday me and Beloved went to 'Debate Night', which basically is just a group of strangers getting together and talking about different subjects and arguing differences of opinion. We've been one time before and it was pretty nice, but very crowded. This time it was at this place called 'Utopia', a Cajun and Tapas bar. It had a very 'grown a sexy' flavor to it, so I had me a very grown up Washington apple martini. Normally I don't do Martini's, but this one was actually pretty nice.

The food was excellent, and I would recommend the buffalo chicken quesadilla! Their pico de gallo was awesome. So anyways, the people hosting the debate let the crowd write down different conversation topics, one of which simply asked, 'What do women want?'. It was rather funny, because mostly men were answering this question, so then one of the host started making the women talk. I think that the agreed upon answer was that women want Everything! I cant say that I disagree, but then again what is labeled as 'everything' can be different for all women. I think that guys should just ask the woman that they are with what it is she wants and expects. If you have any thoughts on this, do tell.. Other topics were, How do you keep someone from falling in love with you? and Why more people don't start there own business?

These pictures really don't do this venue any justice, but I forgot my camera and had to use my phone to take these pics. It's not shown but me and Beloved were sitting in a very snugly half booth, complete with our own chandelier, candles and curtains. So this place is definitely a repeat performance, even without going there for Debate Night. I'm really looking forward to going out again just in general, because I don't feel like I've experienced all there is to do in Atlanta. What have you done interesting over the weekend?

March 21, 2009

Mall Adventures

Its a glorious Saturday!
Why? Because it's Saturday and I don't have to work!! I cant tell you how thrilled I am about that.. Anyways, I was at the mall the other day and I was in Bath & Body Works and they had this lovely mobile hanging up. Idk why but it appealed to me. It looked like something that you would hang up in your patio garden or something like that.

Here is a close up. It has orange, paper, butterflies swirling about. The store was completely dead when me and Beloved went in there. Matter fact the whole mall was empty and all the sales people were standing outside their stores looking bored outta their mind. But I guess that's the norm for a mall on a Tuesday.

So we walk outta the store to find these chairs here and it must be the latest craze, because this is the second time I've seen this. This is a station where I'm guessing a 'dentist' works, because you can now get you teeth whitened IN THE MALL!? I ask you, who in the hell would want to be on display, mouth all open, with drool oozing out, getting their teeth prettied up in public?? I'm not the one.. Apparently, this one guy decided that he was the one, because he was lounging in one of those chairs with his mouth glowing.
I tell you I tried not to stare, but I just couldn't help it. And thirty minutes later when I passed the station again, he was still sitting there! I dunno about you, but I feel much better being in an actual office with professionals with no one gawking at me.
So tell me, would your get your teeth all clean and dazzling while at the mall?

March 15, 2009

Nu Shooz

I just have to say that I'm in love with my new shoes!! I've been wanting some shoes in this style for the longest and I finally found some at Target. They are very comfortable and I can where them to work.
I was thinking that they were really boots, but if you pull back the flap (that should've been the 1st clue) that goes across the top of the foot, you will see that its a regular shaped 'Keds' kinda shoe with some material cuteness and buttons attached. I felt like I had been put in a trick bag when I saw this! But for $22.99 what can you expect? I still like them though and I might go back and get them in black as well.
Speaking of new shoes... This is one of my favorite songs in the whole wide world! Check it out.
Yes it's from the 80's, so there's no 'real' video so you can only listen to the song, but I have good memories to go along with this song. My Dad would take me to the Ta Kwon Do class that he used to teach and this song always seemed to be on the radio every time we went. At 4 yrs old it was a magically fun song, what can I say? Maybe it was the beat. Idk, but I still love this song. Hope you enjoy, Ciao!

March 14, 2009

Doubled Up

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

I myself spread a few smiles around. Isn't it funny how someone can be frowning and then you throw a smile at them and they smile back. Then the next thing you know they start talking to you. That happened to me today as I was getting my brakes replaced. A woman was sitting in the waiting room getting the same thing done to her car and I smiled a her when I walked in. Once I sat down she explained to me that she was paying an arm, leg, lung, & and kidney or two to replace her brake system. I thought that I was just going in to get my brake pads replaced as well as an oil change, but I ended up promising the life of my first unborn child as well! Oh well, it needed to be done.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.. What's this picture about?

I was traveling home one day and was at a stoplight and I looked over and saw these signs. I think the way the roads are setup here in Atlanta are odd enough and then I saw this mess. Someone please tell me who decided that there needed to be two of the same sign sitting in the same exact spot? I thought that maybe there was a difference between the signs and they used the front one to cover up the old one, but no.... I wish I could find out the story behind this one, because I haven't seen this happen before. Have you seen any oddities like this before? Let me know. Ciao!

March 11, 2009

Street Art

Hello All,
I love going out and seeing murals on public buildings. This for example really caught my eye. At first when I saw it, I thought it was just another Marlyn Monroe painting that you can see everywhere at anytime.
As an artist I get so sick of seeing the same ole pictures, drawing, paintings, whatever.. of famous people. I'm not gonna lie and say that I've never done those type of pics, but that was back in middle school. I just get tired of seeing people do the same thing over & over again. It's boring! And half the time the people doing these portaits don't even do a good job. I digress though.....
Moving on..

So this ended up being Spock from Star Trek of all people, with make-up and hair like Maryln Monroe. How great is this?!?!?? I think it's very creative and it makes you have to look more than once. So I gotta clap it up for this artist! See --> :::: Clapping ::::

This happens to be on some building in NYC, and I just happened to see it when me and Beloved were at a stoplight. I just might make this my computer wallpaper. (smile) Ok, I guess I'm all out of words.


March 10, 2009


Sup peoples,

As stated before, I went to Six Flags over the weekend, right? Well as I was standing in a very long line my eyes did behold a hair style that I hadn't seen since like 1995! I forgot to post this little gem of a picture in my last post, but that's okay, because I feel that it should stand alone anyway!

Yes.. yes, ladies and gentleman, this guy is rocking the hightop fade!! I couldn't even believe my eyes.. I was like, 'wait a minute..' and I had to do a double take, because I just knew my eyes were deceiving me. But no.. Now, I'm not that old (27 yrs to be exact) but er um.. seeing this was just hilarious to me. I know that he couldn't have been older than me and he may have even been a teenager, so I was like 'What in the world does he know about that kinda hair style?'

Now back in the day I was a fan of this particular style and I even loved the version that had steps and different levels to it. But seriously.. a hightop fade in 2009...... ...... .......... I don't think so. And I know that people are in a state of mind now where obtaining a throwback is the thing to flaunt, but is this the direction that people are really trying to go back in?? Someone please let me know...

I do have to tell you that I commend this guy for being brave enough to step out of his house with that hair style. Do you think he will let it grow as tall as Kid's did from Kid 'n' Play? The world may never know.


March 9, 2009

More Flags, More Fun, Six Flags!!

Hey ya,

Me, Beloved, and his Sister ended up going to Six Flags on Saturday. It was great being on the roller coasters again. I like that scary, nervous, excited, feeling that you get when you take a free fall and fling yourself to the ground going 50 mph! Ah, yes.. Nothing like risking your life to get the adrenaline pumping and the blood flowing! We only rode about 3 rides. I didn't even ride the one above, but Beloveds sister did. It looked like fun, but my stomach had had enough! I don't like all these changes my body is making as I get older!! What ever happened running & not walking through the park and riding ALL of the rides in the entire park! I'm shedding a tear for my lost youth as we speak. lol.
We hung out in Gotham City for a while and got to see Batman and Wonder Woman. Now why she was kickin it in Gotham City I do not know. We were gonna ride the Batman, but we saw a lot of people walking away from the ride. At first we thought the ride was closed, but no.. there was an hour and a half wait! So we turned right back around and headed for a different ride.

Aw, see there's the Batmobile, and if you will notice there's Batman in the top left corner watching over his car. If you haven't rode the Goliath you just must! Its the best ride in the whole freakin park. So anyway, do you have any six flags stories, if so do tell! :)

March 8, 2009

A Day at the Gallery

Happy Sunday kiddies!
Last weekend I went to my local gallery in The Village. I like to step in there every now and then to see the different artwork that they have on display there. Its actually rather big to be in such a small area and off in the cut. But then again they do have a dance rehearsal studio and a theater in there too. The picture above is the hallway coming back from the classroom area.

There were some pretty nice pieces in there, and they were quite expensive too! If I ever make it as a 'starving artist' I could be making the big bucks! I saw this amazing painting here featured above. I thought that the zebra sky was quite clever and I LOVE the texture at the bottom of it. It's a horrible picture I know, but I was trying to take a picture of it on the sly. (I don't think you're supposed to take pictures of the work, but oh well! lol)

This little area here happened to be in one of the classrooms. Your thinking, 'What in the hell is something like this doing in a classroom?' Yes I thought the same thing too and I have no idea what the area is for really, but it looks like it's probably used for storage. That's actually up above the the room, kind of like an attic. The funny thing about it was that there weren't any steps leading to this little mysterious area. (not that I saw anyway.)

It was a nice visit and I wish that I had more friends who liked going to galleries and cultural things of that nature. But I guess I will have to keep going by myself for now (unless family is in town), and I'm alright with that. I guess that's it for tonight.
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