August 10, 2009

New Ventures

Wassup folks?

I'm totally geeked at the fact that I plan on starting my own online store in the near future on In case you've never heard of Etsy before, it's a site where you can buy all kinds of homemade wonderfulness! They have art, jewelry, quilts, books, and anything else you can think of that can be made by your hands. Initially I wanted to sell my paintings on there, but I've come to realize that I don't produce work quick enough to really make any money off of that. I'm still working on a painting that I started a couple of months ago, so yeah... that ain't gonna work. I can hear my art teachers now fussing at me about not working fast enough. You just can't rush quality work. I digress though..

Instead.... I have taught myself to crochet and it's coming along nicely. I'm pretty sure that I will learn a lot more over time. Currently I'm making scarves in time for winter and next I will probably move on to hats. I love crocheting, because it's a quick and easy creative outlet. So yes, this is one of my first projects. Sorry about the picture looking so yellow. I had bad lighting. If you can't tell it is actually grass green and creme. It's not totally finished yet. I still need to sew in the loose strands of yarn but that is a quick fix.

I'm pretty proud of it and I made it in only two and a half days. Now the question is will it sell? Who knows... My dream is to make things and sell enough of them to where I can quit my current job, because I'm making enough money off of what I love making. Hmmm.. being my own boss sounds absolutely fabulous! Anyway.. I have a new scarf that I'm working on now and hopefully I'll be finished with it soon. Ok, that's it.

August 2, 2009

Violently Bored!!!

Hello Everyone,

I really hate saying that I am bored, because there really are plenty of things that I could be doing to keep myself amused, but I AM bored. Mainly I'm missing my Beloved, because he is out of town right now with no cell phone signal out in the boonies somewhere. I truly feel like my profile picture of 'Meh'.

You don't know what 'Meh' means, you say? Well it's as if someone asks you what you would like to eat for dinner and you have no clue as to what you have a taste for. So when they ask, 'Hey, how about Red Lobster?' Since you don't care, you just say 'Meh', because your not opposed or for this decision and you just go along for whatever.

So I'm sitting here writing, contemplating if I want to watch the movie Hairspray again, watching the kittens outside play fight and attack each other (hilarious!!!!), and wondering if I want to go buy a toaster, because I've been craving some toast ever since last weekend when I visited my parents. So much swirling around.

Ok, well it's time for breakfast. Ciao!
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