August 30, 2012

Just One of Dem Days....

Greetings peoples,

I'm just gonna say the thing that you're not supposed to say......

I kinda feel guilty about it... but..

Sometimes I just need to be alone.

This whole week has been like this song, minus the relationship nonsense of it all.

 The thing is is that, I don't want to be totally alone. I just want people to give me some space. That's all I'm asking for... and again I'm gonna say another thing that you're not supposed to say.

Wrapped up in my blanket of hostility, I just really don't care right now about what's going on with you.
When you think about it, I'm actually saving you from subjecting yourself to my hostility, which has nothing to do with you whatsoever. So in a sense... I'm caring about you, without caring about what's going on with you.

No, I don't care..... that your dog threw up on you...

 That you bought that new dress you've been eyeballing...

How you can't stand your new boss...

or even how your kids got in a fight at school today.

So level with me o'sweet blogosphere.... Do you ever just need time to be in your own headspace? Without the weight of the world/other peoples problems on your shoulders?? I mean, let's just be real about it shall we.. It takes a lot of effort to sit and listen to people talk about themselves all the day is long. Am I wrong here?

A. Sparkle

August 20, 2012

Food Adventure # 27 or Something Like That...

Greetings Friends!

I don't really know if it's my 27th food adventure or not, but I guesstimated... 27 sounds like a good number right? Yeah, I thought so too..

I was coming back from mattress shopping on Saturday when I decided it was time for another food adventure. Speaking of mattresses... can I just say that memory foam is really the only acceptable way to go.  And if your fine as hell, friendly neighborhood mattress salesman doesn't tell you how to properly test out a mattress to see if it will work for you, then just walk out and go to another place. So I got to ogle eye candy at the mattress store and then go for a delicious Vietnamese sammach here at the yellow shop pictured below.

I must admit that although I had been wanting to try this place for quite some time, I was intimidated for months on end, because I had no idea what a Vietnamese sammach would be like or what it entailed. I'm very glad I gave it a chance though. The smell alone will carry you by your nose to come in and have a taste.

I was charmed from the first step I took inside this place. It's very warm and inviting, with great art hanging on the walls (which I always appreciate), there were games to sit down and play if you so chose, and Q who made my sammach treated me like family. She was really quite delightful. The type of person who has such good energy that you felt like you just got a really good hug without actually getting one.

There are maybe 2-3 tables in there to sit down at so that you may enjoy your bahn-mi sammach, while the wonderful aroma of food swirls around you.

I had the Lemongrass chicken bahn mi and it was awesome! Besides the chicken, there were pickled cucumbers & carrots, cilantro, and some sort of spicy chili Thai sauce that was on there. I forget what she called it, but it was red and seemed to have this sweet and spicy thing going on making my tummy do a happy dance!

It's the type of shop you can go to once a week to sit and relax in and have wonderful good times. The prices of bahn mi's are very reasonable. I would've taken a picture of said bahn mi, but.... it was all gone before I realized what had happened. lol! So.. if you find yourself in the East Atlanta Village, go visit Q and try one of her bahn mi!!


A. Sparkle

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