March 31, 2012

A Thai Food & Vintage Clothes kinda Afternoon

Happy Saturday!

I'm so glad the weeknd is finally here!! I started it off going on a shopping/food adventure on Friday. I had been craving some Thai food, but I saw this vintage shop beforehand and I figured I would have a peek. It's funny to me how people have deemed a new name for old clothes that someone doesn't treasure anymore a snazzy and sparkly new name like ~Vintage~! Do you remember when the former 'old clothes' used to be called 'Retro'? Now we've moved on to the uber hip ~Vintage~ items that you can buy, that have been upcharged the hell out of.  I mean.......... Isn't this the same thing Goodwill does? Can't I buy your $60 cowboys boots down at the Goodwill for like $10 or something ridiculous like that??? Did I rant?? My bad. 

In any case, lol, I felt compelled to go in and see what they had to offer me.

I was surprised that they had women's as well as men's clothes and I can't deny that they had some pretty nice stuff in there. I have this obsession with old suitcases that have no wheels or straps and are probably inconvenient as hell to carry through an airport (i.e. Samsonite). I still love them nonetheless and they had a few sets there in the store. The fact that they have these ~Vintage~ suitcases and for this reason alone, this shop is considered alright in my book!

Spoon (yummy Thai food) was right across the way from the shop. Sadly I did not get to go in and partake in the deliciousness that is the Basil fried rice. They weren't open yet!! (argh) 

 So I decided it was their loss and I footed it on over to the village Thai & Sushi place. I've been wanting to try this place since forever and felt that this was a prime opportunity to do so. I apologize in advance for the bad picture quality. Such is the life of using the camera on your phone and not your newfangled digital camera left at home, because you didn't know you were taking pictures that day.

They had some really nice art in there too! This is the one that really jumped out at me. When something is abstract, I tend to either really like or not like it at all. I like this one because it's telling a story without words. The best thing about abstract art is that you can interpret it any way you like to make it relate to you.

 So that was Friday... More adventures to be had later today. 


A. Sparkle

March 24, 2012

I Left my Crown & Scepter Back at the House

Happy Saturday!

It's a sunny day here in the ATL and I'm loving it. Since I'm in a rather stupendous mood, I decided to write to you today. It's all apart of the whole I'm trying to do routine blogging thing. I thought I would share two happy moments with you today. The first, being my tale of free food entitled...

Sometimes More than Hugs are Free, by A. Sparkle

It just so happened that today I decided to play grown up and actually go to the farmers market this morning as well as run a few errands. I'm in love with the farmers market and the fact that I shop there makes me feel ultra stylish! I digress though.... I decided to stop at Chick-Fil-a for breakfast and ordered a sausage burrito. Now I was all excited about it, b/c I usually just get your run of the mill chicken biscuit. Had my mouth all ready to experience something new, ya know? You know how it is.... you can basically already taste it in your mouth! So I wiped away the drool and pulled up to the window to be told, 'I'm SO sorry, but we ran out of ALL of our burritos. Is there something else you would like instead??'
Ok people.... no lie... before I could even stop myself I totally rolled my eyes, my mouth dropped open into an 'O' and I gave her the double-chin look. For those that don't know what the double-chin look is... It's the look where your chin is so close to your neck that it makes you have a double chin. I was really just dumbfounded like..... who let's you order something just to tell you, they don't have anymore when you get to the window? So since I don't go to Chick-Fil-a that much I just asked for a chicken biscuit and then the mgr was like 'I'll give it to you for free since you had to wait so long and we didn't have what you wanted.' So you know I was saying in my own head, 'Oh hell YES! Freeeeeee breakfasssssst! HA!' Once I got my food I thanked her and went on about my merry way. The End!

Now the 2nd happy moment of the day will be entitled...

Princess for a Day, by A. Sparkle

Later this morning I stopped by Kroger to get a few knick knacks & paddie whacks (give a dog a bone!--I couldn't resist saying it! lol) and I was minding my own business looking for the canned veggies when this little girl sitting in a cart was staring at me with that frowny face that kids get. You know the one..... it's where they aren't exactly mean muggin' you, but you don't appreciate the frown and you're about to get offended when you remember that they are like three years old or something crazy like that... Anyway... so she was eyeballing me and I'm eyeballing back and just for shits and giggles I decide to smile at her and see what would happen. Next thing I know, she's starts off with this small hesitant smile and then it just keeps growing and growing until it's all across her face and as I walk by she exclaims to her father, 'Look Daddy! It's a Princess!!' So Daddy looks around at me like, 'yeah ok' and we both give a little chuckle. That just really made my day! Who knew...... that one day.... I would grow up to be a real live princess! I suppose I looked somewhat like a princess today. I wore my hair down which is long..... like a princess. I also had on a dress that looks like a bell..... also like a princess. Who am I to deny a little girl of happiness, by not accepting this title?? I think she may have been onto something.... The End!

You can't beat a free breakfast and becoming a princess all in one day! I"m just sayin.... Moving on.. I thought I'd show you my latest installation in the shop. Click here to check it out! Purdy ain't it? :)

Besides all that excitement, nuttin goin on but da rent over here! I'm about eat this taco soup I just made and sit down somewhere and watch some television. You got any happy moments today?


A. Sparkle

March 19, 2012

Holy Crap it's been a LONG Time!!

Whatcha say now!

Welp! Meanwhile 4 months later I am back again to share what's been going on in my life. I won't bore you with the minor details and instead I will try to let pictures do the talking for me. It's weird not to have a topic today, but I just felt like writing. I must tell you that you should be prepared for maybe a bit a rambling (even though I said I'd let pix talk....) and convo will probably be all over the place.

I have a new love and his name is KAWS!! I'm going to sound like a really bad fan, but I have no idea how long he's been around or any personal info like his age, why he does the art he does, or how he likes he's eggs to be cooked. However....... I do know that I'm in love with his artwork!

I mean.... Come on! How can you not love a cartoon clown looking figure that's crying, that's supposed to be a comical version of 'The Thinker'? You can't! And that's why I love it. Me and the Rents' when to the High Museum of Art for Friday Night Jazz and were able to see KAWS' exhibit and many more. As an artist it's exciting for me to see other people's work and to be inspired by it. I felt like a kid in a candy store, except I couldn't buy anything and was allowed to touch nothing otherwise security would snatch you up and beat you around for a while. Sidebar: it's really heinous how the employees/security that work there are eyeballing you so hard that you can feel their eyelashes fan across your cheek! Is it that crucial? Really?

Moving on.. let me show you what I've been working on these many many months. If you've been following me, you know that I have my own shop on Etsy called Eclectic Oasis. (feel free to drop by) I have some paintings on there, but mainly I've been building my... ::: yells ::: Crochet EMPIRE! Bwah ha ha ha! I'm trying to take over the world with crochet one stitch at a time!! Not really.... well..... yeah maybe a little. :) I've put my blood, sweat, and tears into my products though. Ok, so... not so so much on the blood part, but you get the idea. I do realize that I've never shown myself on this blog, so before you ask... No............... this is not me in the pictures and is quite a generous and lovely friend of mine.

There of course are more items in the shop, and I'm currently working to stack more on the shelves. So yeah... this is basically what's going on right now. I work, hangout with friends when I can, crochet my ass off, talk on the phone for far too long, and spend way too much money on fun times and yarn! Sounds like good times right?!? Hopefully I'll add 'routine blogging' to that list. Ok, time to pass out.


A. Sparkle

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