September 28, 2013

It's About to be On!


Fall is here for us in the United States and I'm crazy excited about it! Why? Well, it's not just that you don't burst into flames as soon as you step foot outside of the house, or even that you get to wear cute jackets and do layered looks.... The number one reason is that it's 

Don't get me wrong... I work with yarn all year round mainly because I'm a yarn addict, but when cold weather starts to creep in people from all walks of life start to think about yarn too! So in other words, it's the start of busy season. Yes!

I've been wanting to go in a more let's say, cozy direction for this fall. More scarves will be made and featured and I want to do more things for the home as well. Thank you to those that let me use them as guinea pigs and allowed my ideas to be used in real life!  :)

Here is a sneak peek as to what's to come...

Forgive my Instagram-y photos (@ASparkleThe1)

I'm so geeked about these new scarves! I love playing with color and from what I can see, it's going to be a very colorful season. Color is here for a reason! It's to wear and flaunt and express ourselves in an outwardly way. When color is involved, always go for it! The top picture featuring the scarf with tassels is completed and I need to take pictures of it for Etsy and I love love love it!
The bottom picture is the scarf I'm currently working on and am in the process of sewing together. I'm thinking that I'll be adding tassels on it too, because I'm really digging them and well.... they're fun to play with when wearing them!

I've also just added some fun coasters to The Shop as well. I've made some for myself and use them everyday at work and at home. I'll be showcasing some exciting accessories to go with the coasters soon, but in the mean time here is what is available!

These pinky and yellow coasters are for sale and they come as a set of four. Don't you just love those colors together?

 These mango and leaf green coasters are just one of many color combinations you can choose from. I felt it was important to offer custom coasters in your choice of colors from the rainbow so that they fit your personality exactly. These also come in a set of four and you can get them in all solid colors or the bulls-eye design. You can't go wrong either way and they really do add that little something that makes your space comfy and inviting. They are great as a little housewarming gift as well! I mean.. who do you know that wouldn't appreciate a handmade gift made and given with love???

Alright kiddies, have a Happy Saturday and go forth and play in the sunshine! I know I will!

**** P*E*A*C*E****

A. Sparkle

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