October 9, 2013

Winery Good Times and Such..

Greetings peeps!
Over the weekend I went on home to Tennessee and me and The Boo celebrated 42 years of marriage with my parents. It may sound weird, but I actually like hanging with my parents because they're pretty freakin kool. I get to go do fun stuff like go to winery's and do tastings, and have a picnic of yummy snacky foods with white tablecloths, real picnic baskets and wine glasses.

It took about two hours to do the tasting, but it was worth it. In the meantime we got to chill out, walk around and listen to this great jazz band. I've been before to this particular winery when I was less knowledgeable about wines, so I was kind of worried when I found out that most of their wines are dry. I don't particularly like having cotton mouth and spit corners (spit corners: spit that has gathered in the corner of your mouth and is stringy and sticky and nasty looking), but hey if that's your thing.... that's kool. I prefer a nice sweet wine and preferably one where I don't really taste the alcohol! I really like their dessert wines such as the raspberry as shown above and their blackberry is totally delish too. Oh, and if you like Port then they have a nice one as well!

It was a really beautiful day as you can see. All kinds of people were there that day sitting on the lawn with their blankets and chairs, some brought full out table decorations including table cloths, flowers, centerpieces, and Fall themed items. While walking around I even saw some in full out Halloween costumes and tables decorations to match! 

Baby grapes!

Going through the vineyard and seeing the tiny little baby grapes was great all in itself! You always see grapes in the grocery store ready to go, but never on the vine where they grow, so it was pretty awesome to see nature at work. Walking through there they even had signs telling you not to pick the grapes! HA! I wonder how many people actually heed to those directions? I know I wanted to pick one or two. :)
So that was my weekend adventure! What was yours? 
A. Sparkle

October 2, 2013

Suited & Booted

Greetings all!
Can I just say that I'm glad this work day is over and now I can concentrate on the job after my job. In other words play in my yarn. :) I'm so excited about the new project that I'm starting. I'm making a baby blanket by request in white, red, silver and turquoise. I wasn't sure how these colors would work together, but I've decided that I like them. You can tell me what you think as well!

 It doesn't need to be done until December, so I'm glad I have enough time so that I can really plot everything out. Also I think that I'll go ahead and add the boarders around the individual granny squares instead of having to do it all later. Doing boarders AND whip stitching just seems like too much of a daunting task. I'm sure The Boo would find me either passed out in the corner somewhere from exhaustion with the crochet hook dangling from my hand or I'll be sitting on the couch rocking back and forth mumbling to myself because I've finally gone insane from repeating too much of the same thing! lol!

So in other news, in my last post, I showed you the newest scarf I had completed that had lots of bright colors and tassels. Well, me and The Boo went to the park over the weekend and I felt like it was gonna be a great time to take pictures with this particular scarf. The weather was beautiful, sunny skies and nice breezes, we had an awesome lunch consisting of cheesesteaks and chips and then we wandered off to the park. Took some great pictures, walked around and then we were off to take in a movie. It was rounding out to be quite a perfect day. When we got back to the car there was a lovely note and surprise waiting on us. There was a nice yellow BOOT on my tire and the note said to call to have it removed! Also in fine print it said that if the boot was tampered with then it was a $450 fine!!!

I was quite amused myself because in all of my years of parking where I wasn't supposed to I've never been booted or towed. Looks like it was my turn. So in my mind this is what was going on, 'OMG!!! I've really done it now! How long is this gonna take?!?! Will it be hours? Will me and The Boo be temporarily homeless out here in the hot sun while people stare at us and my booted car.....!!!??!' So yes, I had a mini freak out moment. I called the number and the dude didn't say hello. All he said was 'I'll be right there.' and then hung up. So like 2 min later he magically appeared out of thin air and explained that him and his supervisor saw us leave the parking lot. Apparently your not supposed to and they have tiny tiny signs stating as such. I think The Boo wanted to smash Mr. I Booted Your Car in the face and he could tell, because he was looking awfully shy and scared. I felt sorry for the guy. I'm sure plenty of people have yelled and cursed the poor guy out when they were in the wrong and he was just doing his job. So he explained that the fine was $75 and whipped out his Square-ish looking device and ran the credit card to take away my hard earned ducketts. All I could do was laugh after it was all said and done. So yeah that was my weekend adventure! Here is a preview of the what's to be posted on Etsy soon.

So kiddies, did you have a weekend adventure or adventure period? Let me know!


A. Sparkle

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