December 31, 2009

A Day at the Lake

I had a need to get out of the house the other day and just spend some time alone with myself. I thought about going to Starbucks and acting like I was all trendy and shit, but I didn't feel like spending any money. So I slapped on my white sunshades, grabbed the current book I was reading and headed out to the lake nearest me.

I've been coming to this same lake off and on since I was little girl. My parents used to take me there to fly kites and I just thought that was the best thing in this whole wide world. So on this day it was quite peaceful, the water was calm, and the ducks were out looking for any fools who were brave enough to get close enough to feed them. I wasn't about to get out of the car so that I could get snapped at by some duck with an attitude, so I just chilled in Spike (my car) and got lost in my book. I'm currently reading 'Midnight', by Sister Souljah. Very... very.. good book. I highly recommend it.

Nothing special happened there at the lake, but it was a nice get away to just sit there and be. I guess you could say that it's one of my happy places. Where is your happy place?


December 29, 2009

Somebodies at the Door

Wassup folks?

I was having a lovely dinner with my mother when all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. Now you have to understand that in our neighborhood, no one EVER comes to the door. Ever... Especially not at night. We don't even get the occasional Jehovah's Witness. In other words, no one should've been at our door at 5pm, because we don't have people that we know that just drop by. (I make it sound like we are in a dangerous neighborhood, but we aren't.. lol)

So my mom asks, 'Who is it?' and the guy states his name. Next thing I know this guy is saying 'Hi, I'm with (insert whatever the organization is) and we are having a contest where we are trying to see who can meet the most friendly and non-threatening people first.' I just had to fall out laughing!! For real? Who really says they are trying to meet friendly and non-threatening people? Anyway, so my mother asks 'What do we have to do so that you can prove that you've met all these people?' Of course he was selling something and of course we didn't buy anything.

It's surprising to me how people still go door to door trying to sell items. I'm not the one.. Knocking on peoples door all day everyday is for the birds. This young man was very brave and this funny little meeting really kinda made my day. I love funny moments like this. Until the next great happenstance..


December 27, 2009

Shoppers Delight

Whad up,

You've got to love holiday shopping and discounts. In past years I have gone shopping to find great discounts and I ended up buying more things for me than gifts for my friends and family! I mean.. how can you pass up a great deal? But I have a plan for next year..

  1. start a Christmas savings account
  2. begin my shopping after Thanksgiving
  3. buy all Christmas deco and tools AFTER the holiday (great discounts)
  4. finally.. buy my own gift while all the 'after Christmas sales' are going on

Now whether this all comes together, who knows.. But this is my map for success. So today I actually went to Old Navy in search for some $15 jeans. Instead I ended up with three shirts, one of which was only $1.49!!!!!!! A freakin dollar forty-nine!! You can't beat that with a stick...
So did you find any great deals?


December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Whasupper all,

I hope everyone who is celebrating Christmas has done all of their shopping and is enjoying spending time with their families. I feel very thankful that I get to spend this year with mine instead of having to be at work or living too far away from them. I still need to wrap some of my gifts, but that shouldn't take too long to get done. :) Oddly enough my mom informed me that we weren't doing gifts this year and then turned right around and asked me what I wanted for Christmas! lol!

I just feel thankful for what I have at this point in my life so I cant really think of anything that I could want at this time. Not for real, for real anyway. I'm planning to do my traditional Christmas night things of course...

  • stay up late wrapping gifts
  • listening to Christmas music all night (or until I get annoyed and turn it off)
  • sitting in front of the tree enjoying the magic of the lights while everyone else is fast asleep and maybe stealing a cookie or two

Speaking of cookies.. when I still believed in Santa, I remember I thought it was very crucial to leave him milk and cookies. I would be upset when he didn't drink all the milk or eat all the cookies, like he had personally offended me or something! lmao!! Anyway, what are you hoping for this Christmas?


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