February 28, 2009

Little 5 Points

Whad up folks,
I hope that everyone is having a good weekend. I know that mine is quite comical. This week I went down to Little 5 Points.
I love this area, because you can go out looking like a 'freak' and totally fit in. You could step out your house sporting a top hat, a basketball jersey with some gold tights and a tutu to match and no one would pay you any mind. I have yet to go to this 'bar & grill' called The Vortex. It looks a little intimidating don't you think?

I like seeing all the different styles that people wear while they are there shopping. And it amazes me how a lot of the girls that are down there are walkin around in heels.. very high heels at that! I love a cute heel just like the next woman, but I'm not about crippling my feet to walk around looking fabulous for all of 5 minutes just to be limping and leaning for the rest of the time I'm shopping. No Deals!
See that guy sitting there on the window sill? Well he looked 'normal' at first, but he just turned out to be another beggar. That is the only draw back to being in this area. The beggars. Do you think that it's true that they make more in a day begging than most people do who are fortunate enough to work right now?

It's a very arty area and I think that's truly was I like it so much. A lot of people who own the shops there boast that everything is handmade by them and their families. I saw one vendor making earrings while I was in store. Me being an artist myself I want to support other artist who are out there really trying to make it living the 'starving artist' life. One guy was just standing out near the Mosaic above of the guy with the guitar cutting and shaping what looked like copper to make jewelry. That takes some balls, just to be out on the street like that trying to sell your work. ^5.

There are also just some plan ole unique (more like odd) stores in the area. One being this one called Junkman's Daughter. When I was reading around this store on the internet I thought it was going to be like a really kool thrift shop or something hip like Spencers. But no.. it was more weed head-ish/goth in there. I felt like a total square, being in there since I don't mess wit da drugs nor am I into dressing goth. Funny thing.. a lot of the shops had a 'back room' for the mature. Basically the weed room! Of course they didn't sell weed, just all of the toys and accessories that someone would need to get high, high, hiiiiiigh.

Check out this spaceship hanging out of the building. It has an alien or two to complete the package. How kool is that? And I'm just now noticing the little eyes below the ship! Ok, well I need a nap now. Ciao!

February 24, 2009

New York or Bust part II

Evening everyone..
While in New York I stayed in Brooklyn. BedStuy Do or Die!!! Have you noticed that a lot of famous people are from BedStuy? What's that about? Maybe it's something in the water that makes people extraordinary.. lol Anyhoo, you gotta love the Brooklyn Bridge. It emits strength. And when your leaving Brooklyn there is a cute sign hanging on the bridge that says 'Oy Vey! Your leaving Brooklyn.' I had to give a chuckle when I saw it.

I also like the way the apartments look in NYC. You don't really see these type of buildings in the South unless its a condo. I know that if I lived in The City I would have a hard time finding peoples apartments. For example, these apartments are right above a store. (Or what used to be a store) And there is a nondescript door that looks like it leads into some creepy abandoned hole in the wall. I'm like, how do you know if the door leads to the apartments or some condemned storefront? Looks a little seedy to me, but I guess that's all apart of the magic of The City.

Speaking of apartments a lot of people (and businesses) had Obama pictures and posters hanging in the windows and on the walls. Yay for Obama!

Have you ever noticed how New Yorkers love their Dunkin Donuts? I'm not just talking about NYC I'm talking all of NY. They're just like Starbucks, they're on every freaking corner. Personally I like Krispy Kreme donuts better, but you can't sleep on DD either! And how cute is that coffee cup that sits on the awning?
Aww, I can't wait to go back! I really want to have a chance to walk around and shop some more. Especially in China Town (bootleg city). So anyway, that's all folks. Ciao!

February 23, 2009

New York or Bust

Greetings All,
I finally made my way back to NYC on Friday. I love going to The City. There is always so much to look at and observe and I can never take enough pictures. I only stayed for the weekend so it was too short, but maybe I'll be able to go back again and stay longer the next time. I got a nice shot of the Verazzano Bridge going into town. How did I get this shot? Yes... me and my Beloved drove for 14 hrs from GA to NYC. It really wasn't that bad of a trip, but then again I like to travel too.
I know your thinking, 'why is she taking pictures of power lines and smoke?' Well I happen to like smokestacks and smoke. Its looks pretty to me. And I'm thinking of doing a painting series of smokestacks.

So on our way up the east coast we encountered the dreaded TOLLSSSSSSS! I've never had to pay a toll in my life, since I pretty much grew up in the South. Surprisingly enough there is a toll in my city, but I don't have to pay it, because thank goodness I don't have to travel that way to get to and from work or home or whatever. We had to pay dang near 20 dollars in tolls! $20 dollars!!! Some of the tolls were like 5-8 dollars.. smh. But what can you do? Yeah you can avoid them, but it takes like and hour longer just to get to your destination.
It all adds to the experience of going to The City to me, so I didn't really mind that much. There are more pictures to come. Ciao!

February 17, 2009

Lost In My Own City!!!

Today I hang my head in shame!!
Okay, so I was invited by a co-worker, to make trip out to the infamous Tiffany's jewelry store on our lunch break. I've never actually been inside a Tiffany's before so I was down for the ride. We had directions on how to get there and after one stop to the wrong place, asking directions from two people, and riding around for 20 mins, we finally found the store. Surprise surprise, it was in a VERY rich mall! I was in some nice work clothes, but I felt like an impostor!! Like as soon as I walked in the door, a loud buzzer was gonna go off alerting all the old rich women in there shopping that I didn't belong and letting the sales clerks know to immediately start turning up there noses and ignoring me.

Let me tell you Tiffany's is a glorious store! There were many necklaces, earrings, & bracelets that I was eyeballing. I just might save up some scrilla to make an extravagant purchase. Oh, and the staff was WAY nice in there! Loved it! So we left out of the store in plenty of time to get back to work, right?
So we start taking a highway that I think will get us back to work. It starts to look familiar so I'm like, 'Yeah see you can trust me. I'm not directionally challenged.' (and normally I'm not) But of course.. we are going in the wrong direction!! And on top of that we have to go through a toll! A TOLL!!! Who has ever heard of there being a toll being in Georgia, much less seeing any below the state of Virginia?! It was only .50, but still... ya know? So we have to turn around and go back in the opposite direction, and yes you've guessed it. We had to go through the toll AGAIN! So we're heading back in the opposite direction now and I see a familiar sign and I'm thinking "Yes, finally back to work.' But no.. first I see us pass the train depot near work, and then I see the street for work pass by, so I'm thinking we are close, but then no exit ever comes up for us to get off where we need it to. It was hilarious I tell you. So then finally, FINALLY we get into an area that I know and I get us back to work. We were like 20 mins late from lunch, but at least everyone at work had a good laugh about it, even our bosses. What a day! Ciao.

February 16, 2009

The Unending Path

Whad up everyone..
I hope that you all have had a great day. Mine was surprisingly good.... for a Monday. Like Garfield, most of the time I hate Mondays. It usually signifies the end of the weekend and back to the grind of work and dealing with annoying and loud co-workers (and customers).

So anyway, I was in The Village the other week because I felt like taking a walk to clear my head. I had seen this path before and have passed it plenty of times, I just never went to find out where it went to. To tell the truth I still don't know, lol! I dragged my Beloved along with me and we noticed that there was a sign letting people know that the path was closed from dusk till dawn and there was a big ole fence that was able to be closed and locked. It was already getting dark by the time we started walking & I didn't want to be locked away in the woods so we didn't travel very far, but we did find another 'road less traveled' back in there! I love exploring the woods so I was excited about that. But that's to explore for another time... in the daylight!

In the picture above is the heart of The Village. It doesn't look very exciting in this picture, but they have a few cafes, clothing stores, antique & decor stores, an art gallery, and THE cutest store called 'The Cranky Princess'! I like it here, its a nice area, I do wish there were more stores though. These pictures probably make it look like I live in a very small town, but I don't. This is just the historic part of a big city. Well I will bid you farewell because it's my bed time. Ciao!

February 15, 2009

New Projects

What's up folks.
This is my new soon to be painting. I drew this a few years back and now I've been requested to make it into a glorious piece of artwork. I'm excited to start on it, but I'm also quite apprehensive about it as well. It's gonna be a big project and it's gonna take quite a long time to finish it because of all the detail work. If you can't tell what it is, there is a very large sun with clouds swirling around in the sky and then there are tall buildings or skyscrapers at the bottom.

I currently have to wait to start this project due to lack of supplies. :( The only thing I really need is the canvas. I would really like to do it on 24 x 36, but that will depend on the person who I'm doing the painting for. In the mean time I will probably work on a different project. I know that I'll have to make myself do it, because I always put other things I need to do first. Laundry.. cleaning the kitchen... consoling friends... spending time with my Beloved... paying bills... I'll just have to fit it in when I'm watching tv or something. Just maybe I'll start something right now after I finish this post! :) I guess you will find out later now won't you.

February 11, 2009

Art in the Yard

Everyday I pass this house with this very large sculpture. The 1st time I saw it, it kinda creeped me out. I know that you can't see all the detail, but there is a huge tower, with a fence around it. The fence has little worm/snake like pieces hanging from it as well as stick people who look like they are running. There is also an opening in the fence where a throne sits.

After many weeks of observing this sculpture it started to grow on me instead of creeping me out. I think that it was very brave of the artist to put something of this size in her/his front yard! I've been wondering how long it's been sitting there. It has to have been many many years due to the fact that it has all rusted.

My co-worker swears that the homeowner comes outside whenever its raining to sit in that throne to watch traffic go by! lol... I have yet to see that, so I'm just waiting for the next rainy day to check that out. Until tomorrow, Ciao!

February 10, 2009

Cute but Very Deadly

When I moved into my apartment I suddenly became a fan of cats. It seemed like there were at least 6 stray cats around at all times which I didn't mind, simply because they never tried to jump on me or come into my home. There is this one cat that always hangs around in our breeze way because people feed her and then one day 2 little of the cutest kittens seemed to appear!So me and my Beloved felt sorry for the babies and Momma so we fed them every so often and we even made them a little sleeping area on our patio for them. I mean look at them!! They are SUCH cuties!!
Then one evening I was just minding my own business and I was going out to my car to retrieve my GPS right? Then what do my eyes see, but an actual cat fight right in front of my car on the drivers side of course!!! Two grown cats that I had never even seen around the neighborhood before had each other by the neck and one was making this horrible meow growling noise. It looked and sounded gross.... And to top it all off one of the cats had lost a lot of fur. :::shudders::: I had to stomp my foot of the ground to scare them off. I was at least 50 feet away when I did this but, thank GOD it worked!! So they scampered away and everything was kosher, right?
WRONG!!! The next morning the fur was still laying around outside which reminded me of the fight. So as me and my Beloved were walking to the car to go to the store, Momma and the babies were walking around near us like they normally do and then I started to mimic the meow growling sound that the cats had made in the fight.
That was a HUGE mistake that I will never EVVVVVVVVVVVVER make again, because the next thing I knew Momma had jumped on my jean clad leg and was digging her nasty little claws into!!!!! Do I have to tell you that I yelled out a very loud obscenity? So out of fear and supreme angry I kicked my leg out so as to shake the damn monster off. Then after she flew off she wanted to stand there looking at me like, 'What?? You the one who made the noise stupid!'
So now I have seven..... yes seven lovely scars from that little adventure. Are you wondering why I don't have a picture of Momma? Yeah well, I'm not going anywhere near that cat again! Can you blame me though? You see I took a picture of the babies through the screen, right? So yes I'm ok and the scars are healing nicely and Momma is I swear stalking me! Wish me luck, for I fear for my life! LOL.

February 8, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Breakfast is the best meal of the day and not just because people say that its the most important meal. Think about it.. it has the best tasting foods, you eat it at at great time of the day, and generally it has the easiest foods to cook. In the picture about we have a sausage omelet with onions and cheese, hash browns with green peppers, and garlic crescent rolls. It was delicious!
This morning for breakfast I made scrambled eggs with American cheese, turkey smoked sausage, and bananas with cherry limeade to drink. I like to cut up my bananas because they are more fun it eat that way :) Its kinda gross to me to eat them whole because they seem super slimy. Yuck! Btw.. sorry about the picture being fuzzy.
I'll probably be back with a picture for lunch. Ciao!!

February 7, 2009

Atlantic Station

Today I found myself downtown at Atlantic Station. It was a beautiful day and very warm outside for February. I even had my windows down. (you never realize how much dust is sitting in your car until you let the windows down after it gets warm) I like going to this area because it makes me feel like I'm in a mini New York. Its got tall buildings, condos, scaffolding, construction, shopping, restaurants, and plenty of traffic. The only thing its missing are the millions of cabs you'd see in traffic rather than normal cars. Its even complete with is own landmark like in Washington Square park.

This picture was taken from the 2nd floor in Ikea. I loooove Ikea! I generally spend so much time there fantasizing about decorating that I never go into any of the other near by shops in the area. Its sad I know... But if you've experienced the goodness of Ikea then you understand where I'm coming from.
I like looking at the condos pictured above. I've thought about taking the tour like when you go apartment hunting even though I know that I couldn't afford to live there. lol.. Would that be wrong? I know that they must look beautiful inside. Maybe one day I'll find out.

February 6, 2009

Out on the Corner

Every year I see these guys (or girls) holding these large signs for some store going out of business. Some just stand there like this guy and have that angry bored look or they have smaller signs that they twirl and do tricks with. Now the ones who twirl look like they are having more fun, but they still have that bored look.
I've come to a decision that that has got to be one of the worst and most boring jobs to ever have! Could you imagine having to stand out there for 8 hrs a day?! (or however long they have to stand out there) I always feel sorry for them whenever I see them. A lot of times it will be either very cold or very hot and I know that has to be stressful. My question is do these signs that they hold really help the businesses that have them pimped out on the corner? I hope its worth it to stand out there and get paid and I hope they are getting paid well.

February 5, 2009

Flying across the City

Greetings All!

Its another day another dollar made. I took this picture on my way to work. And yes of course it was while I was driving! Dangerous I know, but it couldnt be helped.. I had to get the shot. I was trying to be somewhat safe though.. If you will notice I was quite a bit a ways away from the car in front of me.. :p
This is the best part of my drive to work. Gotta love being able to see the skyline in your travels. Surprisingly enough traffic wasn't bad today. Normally it takes me 45 min to an hour to get to work for a trip that should only take 25 mins.... Which is highly aggravating, but what can you do but grin and bare it? I won't lie... I do have road rage most days (secretly I think its kinda fun). But I can't stand inconsiderate drivers. They make me want to pull my hair out.
I know you've seen it.. Someone will be right in front of you in your lane and you're just trying to make your way along to your destination and quickly might I add.. and then the next thing you know the car in front of you is slowing down for no other reason than to hold up traffic for the next 5 miles just so that they can wait until someone else is kind enough to let them over into the next lane. If this is you that I'm talking about, please PLEASE learn how to merge in with traffic. Here's how to do it.. Turn on your signal Before you actually need to get over. Next, actually look next to you and further ahead to see where there is a break in traffic. Most importantly............ Do Not Slow Down!!!!!! Once you have spyed your entrance get over into your needed lane and get out of the way of everyone else. Ta-Da!
Do you also have road rage? Let me know and we can laugh about it together. LOL. Speaking of which.. My best friend once knew a guy who said that while he was in traffic, this guy cut him off and sped off, right? So he catches up to the guy who cut him off and then he proceeds to throw an open bottle of bleach... BLEACH!! into the guys car who cut him off! Now my question is, who just has a random bottle of bleach in their car? AND, who really has enough aim to throw an open bottle of bleach out of their car into the next car while driving?? I know I don't..
So again share your stories with me and you'll hear from me tomorrow. Ciao!

February 4, 2009

Mini Vaca, Yay!

Welcome! Its the Very first blog! So lets get down to it. I've just gotten a new camera (so exciting!) and I'm ready to snap away at the funny little things that life has to offer. So with that being said.... I don't know about you, but sometimes when I'm at work I need a little get away on my lunch break. I was invited to explore a never tried before restaurant. I'm generally always up for an adventure so I decided that I was down for the ride.

Me and a co-worker went to this nice little place called Taco Cabana. It was very colorful and festive. It made me feel like it was already summer time even though it was only like... ::thinkin:: maybe 20 degrees outside! (Well... I may be exaggerating that a bit.. but it was very windy!) So getting back on track, they had pretty good food, although it was a little pricey for the amount of food you got, but tasty nonetheless. My co-worker asked if they had chimichungas, and the guy at the register said, 'No we don't. How do you know what those are anyway?' LOL!
I don't know about you, but I thought that was hilarious! It was as if he didn't expect anyone who wasn't Latino to know what that was.
So tasty food, good conversation with a co-worker, and funny guys who take your money in for exchange for food. You just cant beat that, don't you agree?
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