April 26, 2012

Things I Love Thursday.. Music Edition!


I'm so excited about this upcoming summer I could just burst! It should be filled with wonderful trips around the Southeast region of the good ole US of A. 

First on the list for today is traveling!!I love to travel and one of these days I will travel to all the countries that I want to see around the world. Come tax return time again next year, I will have the opportunity to save the majority for taking some exquisite vacation to lets say Bali.... It could happen.
Since this IS the music addition of TilT, I'm gonna start with the 70's (even though I wasn't alive then, but it has some really good music nonetheless) and work my way down. 

Earth, Wind, & Fire-Keep your head to the Sky
This song just always takes me to another place and just let's me know that everything in the world is gonna be alllllllright.

Phil Collins & Phillip Bailey-Easy Lover
If this don't scream 1980's I don't know what does.... 

Michael Jackson-PYT
THE king of Pop! My favorite singer and world wide star Micheal Jackson.. The best that ever was, I don't care what you say! Not 'Beat It', 'Thriller', 'Billie Jean', nor 'Off the Wall' can get me jumping and dancing around the house like a lunatic, about to have a heart attack like PYT. It's PYT all day long in this house!

Blind Melon-No Rain
I must admit that even though I've loved this song for a long time now, until I just looked it up to share it with you............ I didn't know the name it. I know you're gasping right now, but it is what it is. The video made me fall in love with this song, and I know all of five to ten words to it, but I can hum the shit out it. lmao! Don't judge me. ;)


Bone Thugs n Harmony-Crossroads
::: sings ::: 'Bone Bone Bone Booooone, Booone Bone-Booone Bone-Bone..// Why they kill my dog, and man I miss my Uncle Chaaaaarles y'all..' You know that was everybody's favorite part of the whole song! 

Bob Marley ft Lauryn Hill-Turn Your Lights Down Low
I used to drive my bestie insane playing this song so much our sophomore year in college!! My bad, Kim... lol! You know how it is when you're addicted to a song. It's just an easy song to groove to, that's talking about love, that you should just put on repeat every now and then.


Avril Lavigne-I'm With You
When this song came out, I was working at the mall and they only allowed a certain genre of music to dance in our ears. This type of music happened to include Avril Lavigne. At first it was like, 'what is this chile yellin about?' and then I actually started listening to the lyrics. That tends to occur once you've heard a song 50 ba-jillion times.... Somehow, I started liking it, which prompted me to buy the album. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

So there you have it folks! A few of my favorite songs over the past 4 decades and it includes a little bit of everything, but doesn't nearly scratch the surface of ALL of my favorites. Hope you enjoyed it, now tell me what songs dance around your playlists!


A. Sparkle

April 23, 2012

and Last Week was some Straight up BullS***

Greetings all,

Last week was very stressful for me. It went something like this....

Yeah.... sweatshop and all. I was stressing about my job, my 'job after my job', & just life in general. I just was not feeling the love last week. Have you ever had those times where you were just wearing yourself out? That was me and I had to step back and reflect on what I was doing to myself. To quote what I've been hearing on Oprah's LifeClass, you have to be present now. I was worrying about what was going to happen in the future and what had happened in the past, instead of taking care of myself in the moment.

So on Sunday, I got my ass off my shoulder (I always get this crazy mental picture when I say that, lol) and decided that despite the fact that things weren't going how I wanted them to, I could do something right now, to help me get back to a good place. One of my most favorite places in Atlanta is Little 5 Points. When I go there, it feels like home, like I've found my tribe. The creative energy there is just wonderful and it makes me feel inspired. I even spoke to a few other artists about selling on Etsy, and different tips and tricks to be more successful. It was an all in all great day. It didn't hurt that I bought a few nice things too like these earrings! 

They are made of very soft blue and black leather and are very lightweight, which I love. I haven't seen anything like these before so I like them a lot. Go visit Ellis at www.EllisArtcessories.com to see more of his jewelry. 

Of course I took other pictures around Little 5 Points. You know I love the street art and and flowers. These made me smile...

After a fun filled day of being social and buying up cool stuff, I decided to head to Urban Cannibals to grab a sammach and just relax and enjoy the sunshine.

So that was the weekend. How was your week and end?


A. Sparkle

April 13, 2012

Things I Love Thursday... on Friday!

Greeting peoples!

So, I got a little lazy yesterday and didn't do my TILT list. However, I bring it to you today. Yay for you! Just to jump right in, first on the list are having personal days off from work! Really... how much more sweeter can it get than having a day off from work to go do whatever the hell it is you feel like, all the while knowing that your co-strugglers are stuck there in prison droning on through boring work. Yeah.. I really love having days off. ;)
Next on the list is sleeping in late, taking 2 hr afternoon naps, talking to the dear old dad on the phone for hrs at a time, and going out to enjoy brunch at the Majestic Diner.

Waffle and turkey sausage. Yummy! Love waffles. :)

I also love the Ice Cold Cuff newly featured and for sale in my shop!

Honorable Mentions: Raven Simone-Julie Andrews-playing Nintendo (yes I said it!)-pool blue nail polish-reading magazines-dancing around the house like a crazy hyper person-having food adventures-singing loudly in the car-having dinner with friends-shirts with stripes-maxi dresses-sugar cookies!

Ok, now it's your turn!


A. Sparkle

April 11, 2012

And I Pick THE most crowded Days...

Happy Hump day folks!
I'm currently sitting in Barnes and Noble flexing my cool kids muscles. It always seems appealing to go sit in some coffee shop or in my case Barnes and Noble and be uber involved in what I'm doing on my laptop all the while looking chic. Most days I talk myself out of it, telling myself it's too cold/hot/I'm tired/why go when I have the internet at home?/blah blah blah. Today was different though. The sun was shinning bright and looking glorious and I felt like being around people. Something just said, 'Why not? Go ahead. Get outta here! Ya! Ya!' (to quote my bestie)

Over the weekend I decided to have an Atlantic Station adventure. Why I chose EASTER weekend to do this, the world may never know. I really went, so that I could pick up and few items from Old Navy, my clothing haven. Ok........................................
SIDEBAR: People who put on WAY too much cologne/perfume and prefer to walk in a mile wide cloud of what they consider 'smell good'....... are quickly getting on my nerves!!! My nose if far to sensitive for this people!!! O-M-Gness! Ok, end rant.

So anyway, yes I went there just to mainly go to Old Navy, but I figured that if I'm going to fight my way through a million people who are milling around, clouds of toxic smoke, crying babies, and hyper kids, I might as well visit some other stores as well.

and more throngs..... 

After shopping in Old Navy and bobbing and weaving through the throngs, I finally made it to H&M.
 :::cue heavenly choir music:::
To be met by...... you guessed it. More throngs of people. 

Next stop was to Fa'brik a cute little boutique. I have no idea what this pattern is called, but I really really dig it! Oh and the shoe was cute too, lol. I'm a sucka for blue and brown living together in harmonious co-existence. 

On the way out I saw this huge ball that people were crowding around and being the ever curious Gemini that I am, I went to go find out what was going on. Apparently some college fraternity was having anyone they could find sign this ball, because they got a dollar for every signature and they were donating the money. How awesome is that?!?! I felt like I was in a Soul Pancake moment. I'm in love with Soul Pancake. They show it at the end of Super Soul Sunday (which I love even more than Soul Pancake) every week on OWN. If you haven't seen it, you must check it out!! 

So ta-da!!! That was my Saturday afternoon. I'll be back tomorrow for Things I Love Thursday.

A. Sparkle

April 8, 2012

Shorty Doo Wop

Greetings and Happy Easter for all of you who celebrate it!
Thought I would share a shorty doo wop post and let you see what I've been working hard at this weekend.
What you see here is an almost finished product with a little more tweaking that needs to be done.

I've actually been working on this necklace all week, just to find out that I miscalculated somewhere. This is the result of miscalculating.... You get to take your necklace all apart and start from scratch. Ugh!

But! One movie and a half later, a great necklace started to form. I guess I wasn't listening to what the yarn wanted to do the first time around and I payed the price. Now we have made a pact to work together to make a beautiful necklace!

You'll be the first to see the finished product when it hits Etsy. So until then...



April 5, 2012

Things I Love Thursday.. A.Sparkle edition


I hope everyone has had a fabulous week thus far. This week seems to be moving quickly for me and I like it! There is nothing worse than when the work week drags on and on and on and on and on and seems to last for 10 days instead of only 5. I was told by one of my former co-strugglers that you shouldn't wish for time to move faster, b/c you are wishing your life away... Now.... although that did give me pause in saying 'I wish it was ___ o'clock already!!!', it really didn't make me stop wishing that time would go faster. I mean really... is me fast forwarding through the last two hours of work really gonna be that big of a deal, that I would actually miss something? Nope. Just give me the remote like Adam Sandler had in the movie 'Click' and we can scoot right on past the these last two oh so boring hours of work. Thanks...

Moving right along.. In the spirit of Things I Love Thursday from one of my favorite blogs, I will be sharing what I love today. First and foremost being the new necklace I just finished! (soon to be featured in the shop) I really do love it and it's super soft. I plan on doing a couple more similar to this one, and in different colors. Yay!

My next love is this mural I spotted a couple months back when it was still cold outside. The procrastinator that I am, I'm just now showing it to you. You forgive me though, right? Of course you do. It was really kinda huge so I took pictures in halves and did close ups. I wrote another post called 'The Broke Version of Adventure' where I show another mural and I think that this and that one were done by the same artist. Most of the paintings I like tell stories and this one seems to be telling a really long one. What do you think it's about?

Last, but not least I love this crocheted chair! I saw it a while back when I went to the High Museum of Art. You would think that all that lacey stuff would be covering a real chair right? Nope! You can see straight through it to the negative space. It's almost like someone sprayed it with five cans of starch and said, 'Ok! It will stand alone now.' It's pretty freakin awesome..

So things that get honorable mentions are: yarn that's on sale, 70 degree weather, Extra's Apple Pie flavored gum, Easter egg hunts!, receiving surprise mail from family & friends, really great phone conversations that last three hrs, Rice-a-Roni (yes.. the San Francisco Treat ding! ding!), and cupcakes from OMG cup & cakes.

What are your current loves for today?


A. Sparkle
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