May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Hello Everyone!

I'm happy to say that yesterday was my birthday (May 29th)! Another year has been completed and I'm excited to find out what this new age will hold. Hopefully it's a good year. Although I didn't do anything outlandish today I did enjoy it quite a bit.

So I was just minding my own business at work when all of a sudden my friend sits some flowers on my desk. It turns out that they were from my loving parents! I was soooooo surprised. They came to my job the day before my b-day, since I wasn't gonna be there at work. (there was no way I was working on my b-day)

So What did I do on my birthday? Beloved treated me to the Cheesecake Factory, which is always delish. We had this cheesy spinach with tortilla chips, pico de giao, and sour cream. Sooooooooo good!!!! Yes... you know I got some cheesecake too. I got the fresh banana creame cheesecake.. mmmmm ::::drooling:::: Then we went to the movies to go see 'Night at the Museum'. It was a good movie. But I expected it to be since I enjoyed the first one.

Ok you guys, normally I'd have pictures of all this stuff, just blogger what to be and a$$ clown and not upload my pics. I feel like I'm on punishment for not having posted in a long time. Oh well. I hope it starts working soon. Hope everyone is having a great wknd. Ciao!


  1. Oooh cheesecake factory sounds good! Hope you had super wonderful birthday :)


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