August 2, 2009

Violently Bored!!!

Hello Everyone,

I really hate saying that I am bored, because there really are plenty of things that I could be doing to keep myself amused, but I AM bored. Mainly I'm missing my Beloved, because he is out of town right now with no cell phone signal out in the boonies somewhere. I truly feel like my profile picture of 'Meh'.

You don't know what 'Meh' means, you say? Well it's as if someone asks you what you would like to eat for dinner and you have no clue as to what you have a taste for. So when they ask, 'Hey, how about Red Lobster?' Since you don't care, you just say 'Meh', because your not opposed or for this decision and you just go along for whatever.

So I'm sitting here writing, contemplating if I want to watch the movie Hairspray again, watching the kittens outside play fight and attack each other (hilarious!!!!), and wondering if I want to go buy a toaster, because I've been craving some toast ever since last weekend when I visited my parents. So much swirling around.

Ok, well it's time for breakfast. Ciao!

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