January 12, 2011

Poetic Justice and the Purple Haired Girl


I'm just chillin tonight watching Poetic Justice. I've never seen this movie all the way through so I'm kinda excited it's on tv right now. This is the 3rd day I've been off work due to the weather conditions here in Atlanta and it has allowed my creative juices to flow.

I've had an idea in my head for a while needing to escape. With all this free time it just kinda oozed it's way through my brain wrinkles, into my eyes, flowed through my heart, and tingled all the way down to my hands and fingertips and came out on the paper.

This was the inspiration for what I had in mind...

I haven't drawn a face in a real real good while now and I am rather rusty. I've been doing mostly abstract work lately, but I wanted to go back to my true love which are faces. How well this is gonna turn out in a painting, I don't know. I always start with the eyes and then I work my way down. Here's what I started with. Sorry it's to the side. :)

I stopped for a day and then started on the hair. To me the hair is one of the best parts to draw. It has so much texture and a freedom all it's own. Usually I draw more strands of hair than this, but I was trying a different technique. So I kinda played with the hair a tried different things and was kinda picking apart the work and seeing if I wanted to change anything. I really wanted to change the chin and make the mouth bigger, but it's just a sketch and it's not gonna be the exact same on the painting anyway, because I'll make the face my own and change up the hair a bit. I just needed this as practice for my idea.

Below is the finished product. For the painting, I plan on adding a textured background and it will become apart of a series I'm thinking of doing of a purple haired girl. One painting is already completed and this will be the 2nd piece.

Hopefully I'll find a suitable background when I have some more free time this weekend. Then I will get to painting. Wish me luck!


A. Sparkle


  1. This is a really nice sketch! The eyes are great, the spacing is a little off, but that's why its a sketch isn't it. The hair is always the best to draw. It's the last part I draw since its the most detailed. Good luck...I can't wait to see the actual painting!

  2. Thanks Courtney!! Spacing.. yeah yeah I know.. lol. You know I've already picked this apart like a million times, right? I wanna know what you're working on!??


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