June 25, 2013

Food Adventure # 28 Deep Dish Style

Greetings Peeps!

I was craving a pizza on Friday and asked the The Boo if he was feeling adventurous. He said yes, and so it was deemed 'Pizza Friday' and we traveled to get our first ever deep dish pizza! We went to our nearest Nancy's pizza and got the 'Uncle Tony's Pizza' which had sausage, pepperoni, onion, green peppers, and a whole lotta chesse!!

I'm not too keen on heavy sauce and from what I understand deep dish pizzas are smothered in the stuff. However. who ever made this one wasn't too heavy handed and I totally appreciated it! The pizza in my opinion was really good. It was the right amount of bread to cheese to meat/veggie ratio. It was $30 bucks for a large, but I feel like it was worth it as you can see!  :o) 

There is some other deep dish pizza place around here called Chicago Pizza & Sports Grille that we plan on trying at some point. If you're in Atlanta have you tried it before? Let me know what you think! Since we're on the subject on deep dish pizzas..... Have you tried Little Ceasear's version?? O.M.G (!!!!) It's SO good.. Crazy right? It's the truth though.

Have you had any food adventures as of late? Let me know!


A. Sparkle

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