December 13, 2013

Just the Best Gift Ever.. No Biggie..

Greeting Peeps!

How's everyone doing on this fine Friday? All I know is that I'm glad that tomorrow is the weekend! Can I just do my happy dance for a minute?

No for real, it's been quite a week. I'm just getting over the flu from last week with traces of a cold still lingering. Apparently the extreme tiredness you feel from the flu lasts for weeks upon weeks after you're all better?? Not kool. Not kool at all... 

Right before my body turned into my enemy and I was on my death bed, I finally finish what I like to call The Legacy Blanket. Many moons ago, my friend told me that him and his girl where expecting the next little bundle of joy, and so me being me, I told him I would make him a baby blanket. At the time, I was experimenting with granny squares and was digging on them pretty hard. I figured why not do the same design with a blanket. I mean.... it is a classic look! He said he wanted red, turquoise, silver, and the main color to be white. This is what I came up with.

Did I mention that this process took FOREVER!!! I'm ashamed to say that I had quite a bit of animosity towards the blanket, because it was taking longer than expected. My mother told me I was gonna have to pray over the thing before I gave it away! (lol) 

 That little pile of yarn are some of the tails I had to sew in and cut off. That's what happens when you have a lot of color changes.

At some point I had to lay them out to get the big picture and to see what everything would look like.

Then after many months and three rows of borders later, a Sparkle Baby Blanket was born!!

I'm really very pleased with it! It's the first blanket I've sewn together and I thought I did damn good. The best part of it all was giving it to my friend and hearing how much he appreciated all the work and love (ha ha) I had put into the blanket. It's all about the warm fuzzies people!

So now I've decided to sell custom made blankets in assorted colors! You can order one for yourself or others by clicking here! It really is a great gift and one that can be passed down through the generations. Best part about this is that I offer FREE SHIPPING! Yay for you!

So here it is Friday night and I'm ready to get the weekend started. I'm excited to be attending an Ugly Christmas sweater party on the morrow. Maybe I'll take pictures and share. What will you be getting into this weekend?

A. Sparkle


  1. Your blanket looks awesome, and that dance video is a great start of my saturday :-)

    1. Thank you! Glad I could help start the day off right. ;-)


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