October 26, 2009

New Beginings

Well well now,

It has been many weeks since I have written anything on here. Main reason being that my life had become very busy and turned upside down. Just when you think you have your life and direction figured out, BAM!! It takes a 180.. I'm not in a very positive mood right now and I'm trying not to think about a lot of things that have happened over the course of these last two months. But without being overly negative here's what has been happening...

I've gotten laid off from my job. I say good riddance to those chains, b/c I didn't like being there anyway. It was a very stressful job and it was definitely effecting who I was. I never want to go to call center life again, b/c well... It just plain sucks to have to sit there and listen to people complain about something that has Absolutely nothing to do with you, and to have to do it with a smile all the while. Do us customer service reps a favor and keep your personal business to yourself, b/c even though we may act like we care and we show you empathy and say we are 'SO sorry that happened...' really we just don't give a damn AND we talk about you after we've slammed the phone down in frustration at your silly ass. I'm just keepin it real with you.. lol

Let's see what else.. I'm now living in Tennessee again and no longer in Georgia for reasons that I just don't feel like getting into on the internet. It's good to be back in TN to hang out with my 'friends' and to see my parents. Surprisingly enough I do miss being in GA and having access to a lot more shopping and certain stores. However I do NOT miss the traffic.. lol.

So I'm in a transition period right now and trying to figure some things out. The way I'm looking at things, is that it has all happened for a reason. What that reason is.. I haven't the foggiest! I'm just looking for signs, listening, and waiting for something to happen. So that's my little rant for the day.


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