December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Whasupper all,

I hope everyone who is celebrating Christmas has done all of their shopping and is enjoying spending time with their families. I feel very thankful that I get to spend this year with mine instead of having to be at work or living too far away from them. I still need to wrap some of my gifts, but that shouldn't take too long to get done. :) Oddly enough my mom informed me that we weren't doing gifts this year and then turned right around and asked me what I wanted for Christmas! lol!

I just feel thankful for what I have at this point in my life so I cant really think of anything that I could want at this time. Not for real, for real anyway. I'm planning to do my traditional Christmas night things of course...

  • stay up late wrapping gifts
  • listening to Christmas music all night (or until I get annoyed and turn it off)
  • sitting in front of the tree enjoying the magic of the lights while everyone else is fast asleep and maybe stealing a cookie or two

Speaking of cookies.. when I still believed in Santa, I remember I thought it was very crucial to leave him milk and cookies. I would be upset when he didn't drink all the milk or eat all the cookies, like he had personally offended me or something! lmao!! Anyway, what are you hoping for this Christmas?


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