January 21, 2010

The little Things...

Hello all,
I've decided that for this new year, I'm gonna start doing all the nice little things that I've wanted to do that I've seen in tv and movies. It sounds silly, right? Well that's the point!! I will give you an example. In the movie 'Sex and the City' Sarah Jessica Parker's character is always wearing pearls while she is at home. I mean.. she was even wearing them while she had on sleep clothes, chilling at home and to go to sleep in..... Who really wears pearls with sleepwear, much less wearing pearls to bed?? No one! But how fun and fabulous would that make you feel to do that?
As you can see in the picture... I chose to have some tea one afternoon. Instead of drinking it in a plain boring mug I decided to put it in a pretty cup with a saucer and took it to another level with having some sugar in a separate container as well. None of the dishes matched, but it didn't matter to me. It made me smile and that's all that mattered to me. :)
So my question is, if you aren't already doing nice things to make you smile throughout the day, then why aren't you?

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