August 17, 2011


Hello all,

I'm such a slacker... I've been meaning to share this blog post slash video with you for the longest. Even as we speak, I'm watching tv and still slacking a bit between writing sentences. :) I ran across this marvelous video while reading one of my favorite blogs. You know how it goes... your reading one post and they link to some other website and then when you check it out it leads you to some other link with a mind blowing post.

I have to tell you I'm one of those people that loved the book 'Eat, Pray, Love', by Liz Gilbert. Needless to say I was excited when I found this video originally posted on So b/c I thought it was brilliant I am sharing it with you! If you're a creative person at all then you will Luh-ove this video!!! Whenever I start to doubt my abilities I watch this, and I feel ready to fight another day. So now go enjoy and be inspired.


A. Sparkle

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