November 4, 2011

And a New Breed was Born..

Greetings everyone,

It's 12:17 am and I'm still up. I tried to go to bed, I really did. It just didn't happen. I dunno why, it's just one of those weeks where your sleep pattern is all jacked up. I've meditated... I've have some relaxation tea... I've even laid in the bed, shut my eyes tight, and demanded myself to go to sleep. Obviously my brain has a different agenda than I. This is good for you though, because here I am actually writing to you. You might as well see my new projects since you've dropped by. Would you like some tea?? No, you say?? Ok, you just get comfortable then.

Well I finally started on the 2nd piece for my 'Purple Haired Gurl' series. As you can see below right now all I have is a bald head scallywag..... I've been procrastinating on finishing it. It's been so long now since I've worked on it that it now faces the wall. I just can't look at it being all unfinished. I hadn't continued at first because I had no idea what kinda hair I wanted her to have and I just wasn't finding anything suitable.

I just have to tell you that I'm not that artist that can draw from memory or imagination in some cases. I need something to look at not to necessarily copy it, but to have some kind of guide. I also have to tell you that I don't like re-doing things either. I get real pissy. I just like it done right the 1st time. Hence...... having the guide so no mistakes are made. That's probably the perfectionist that lives within me like a parasitic twin that causes that pissy reaction I mentioned. lol. What can you do though, right? So anyway, the 2nd reason I haven't finished it yet is because this project scares the crap outta me. No.... for really real... I've drawn faces plenty of times, but painting them is a bit more tricky and I'd be upset if I was to mess it up. Plus this painting involves 'props' and I'm still trying to work out how it's all supposed to go down. You'll see the props later when it's a finished painting.

So in the meantime I've created a little playmate.....

His name is 'Odd Bird'. Yes... that's right. Odd..... Bird..... He got created through a lively conversation with my mother. She said something about someone being an odd bird and I blurted out, 'Wouldn't that be an awesome series to do?' So we now each have our own version of an odd bird and a new breed was born. I'm still refining him, so there is an initial rough sketch not shown and he will more than likely change a small bit for his final look as well.

I'm really kinda in love with the idea of 'Odd Bird', because often times I have felt like the odd bird among my peers. So this will kinda be like an ode to all of us who felt like the weird kid who had their own unique way of dressing, was quiet and thought to be a snob and really wasn't, who had an 'odd' hobby that no one else understood, who had a bunch of piercings, who wasn't apart of the so-called in-crowd, who dared be different than their peers and said step off because I have my own identity, mind, and I'm a non-conformist dammit!! (Shout out to CMF) Yep... here's to you my fellow odd birds and I say be proud of your odd birdiness. Go forth and be odd!! (smile)

Ok that felt good... Maybe I can get some sleep now. Goodnight!

A. Sparkle

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