June 28, 2012

The Popcorn Clutch of it All


I know it's been quite a while since I've done some regular posting, but I promise it will pick back up. You know how it is... You have the very best intentions of vacuuming, washing the dishes, getting some exercise in, taking some new pictures for Etsy, and writing a new blog post about what's going in your world and then something happens.... 

Something like, you start watching Adventure Time, which can I just say is THE MOST hilarious stuff I've seen since Ren and Stimpy. Y'all 90's Snick kids know what I'm talking about!!

Holy crap! I seriously just watched 3 FULL episodes while finding a clip for you......
Hi.      My name is A. Sparkle and I have an addiction.     It's called Adventure Time.
(yeah I watched some Ren and Stimpy too. I couldn't resist!!!)

So anyways, I wanted to show you the newest sparkle baby in the family and it's name is 

I must be honest with you.... 

I.... freakin.... love.... this... clutch.... purse!!!! Not just because I'm kinda impressed with myself for making it, because that in itself is enough to blow your own mind if you had made it too, but I would sport this anywhere, anytime, in front of anyone with pride. Bam! I mean come on.... Tell me this isn't a summer fun purse!?! And just in case you were wondering, yeah those are my actual real live keys in the picture. It holds a whole host of things like a book, lipgloss, keys, a snack, cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, mints, your fake ID, just whatever man. It's small enough to not get in the way, but large enough to carry all the essentials you need for everyday on the go living. Go check it out in my shop Eclectic Oasis and if you have an Etsy account go ahead and give it a heart. I won't mind. :::: smiles sweetly ::::

Oh, by the way, if you have a Facebook page (and who doesn't nowadays) Eclectic Oasis Crochet Art is now on there too! Go check it out (---->) here (<----) and 'Like' the beejezzus out of it! Again.. I won't mind. Just sayin'.... So until the next time..


A. Sparkle

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