July 5, 2012

A Day Off = Chicken Pot Pie Day


It's that time again..... Food Experiment Time! 
I really like to cook and try new things I haven't done before, because....... well it's fun. Being me, I always find a recipe to follow and then don't follow it all the way, b/c there is some ingredient that I don't have in the house or one I know I'm not gonna buy. Why don't I buy it, you ask? Because... what if I make the dish and find that I don't like it and then I have something like a bottle of white wine that I'm not gonna use again? So yeah, I end up pretty much making the new and improved version of a recipe that I've never tasted anyway. lol! 

It all started with Granny's apron..

And Aunt Lukie's Chicken Pot Pie recipe... She has the ONLY.... and I seriously mean the only chicken pot pie recipe that I've ever liked. Ever............

I will admit that it's somewhat altered.... again.. you gotta work with what you got. 

A few carrots.. (and some peas not shown)

Some rough chopped onion..

Garlic, Salt and pepper to taste..

And then........ a pie was born!!! bwahahahaha!

All done! This is only the 3rd pie I've ever made in my entire life. The first two were for Thanksgiving quite a few years back. They didn't turn out so well. Never mix baking your first pie, with using your oven in a new apartment for the first time either. You only end up with two burnt and rock hard Chess pies. This one almost when to the darkside as well, but I smelled it before it was too far gone. I totally had the timer on... it just didn't take 40 mins to cook is all. :) 

It was still yumtastic though, so I'm happy with the results. Did you have a food experiment lately?


A. Sparkle


  1. It looks delicious! I love chicken pot pie.
    No food experiments here -- I totally leave that up to my hubby!

    1. Thanks! Nothing wrong with letting the man get his hands dirty in the kitchen. :)

  2. That looks really good! I recently made homemade bourbon bbq sauce and now my husband wants me to toss out the store bought bbq and keep that on tap, lol!

    Blogging Buddies Team

    1. Thank youuuu. Hmm, bourbon bbq sauce sounds really good. I might need that recipe, so I can do a new food experiment! Sounds like a good 'man lure'. lol.

  3. I love a good pot pie...wish I could get my kids to appreciate them!

    1. I think I want to try more savory pies.. Something like a taco pie. Let's hope their palates grow quickly, lol.


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