October 14, 2012

So...... I've been a bit lazy, but not really.

Greetings peoples!

Welp, let's just point out the obvious.. We haven't talked since the beginning of last month. My bad.... My world has consisted around travel, visits with family, watching a lot of Adventure Time (gotta love Finn & Jake), a little bit of stress (more like a lot), turning my living room into a crochet sweat shop, some custom scarf orders, making other items for my Etsy shop, doing research for said shop, learning how to do some beading projects, and........ well yeah that's it! I'd say that's enough right?? 

I'm exhausted right now just thinking about all of it! So anyway, I thought I'd share with pictures what I've been working on and stuff like that. 

The Gray on Grey Project

It's hard taking good pictures of your creations when you don't have a model, so please forgive these less than gorgeous photos. :o) I made this scarf for a handsome fellow who requested a gray scarf. I really dig stripes for any occasion really, so I gave him Grey on Gray. I was pretty happy with the results, and I got a nice hug to boot! Oh and the kermit green glove I have on... Those are my crafting gloves. You crafting addicts know what I'm talking about. Sometimes you gotta have them so your hands don't fall off to the ground. It's not conducive to being productive when you have no hands.. 

 Fun Times at IKEA

My old mattress was a horribly noisy, blue monster that would wake you up in the middle of the night and make you to do gymnastics, causing your back to feel like you were 88 yrs old when you woke up for work the next day. So yes it was time for a new one. IKEA was my go to for a memory foam mattress that wasn't too pricey. I didn't even have to promise over my first born son or daughter. I a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y loooooooove my new mattress! I got to pick it out from the racks and everything. It came rolled up like a sleeping bag and then fluffed up to be the magical wonderfulness that I now rest on nightly. While I was at IKEA I saw this cute kid nomming away on his mommy's purse. :)

 The Fall is Here Scarf

Pay no attention to the cheesy Instagram border on this photo. You know how it is when you're experimenting. Speaking of which, are you on Instagram too?? Addictive, am I right?? Anyways, this is the first official scarf I've made for the shop for this Fall. I dig it. A lot... Blues & greens will be in this season and this scarf is super sooooooooft!! Who doesn't love a soft non-itchy scarf right?

UGA or Falcons Fanatic Scarf

So I did another custom order for a client in her favorite sports teams colors. How fun is that right? I loved being able to experiment with the design by using double crochet and criss-cross double crochet to make textured squares. Fun times!

Triplicity is the newest sparkle baby addition in my Etsy store! I fell in love with about 6 sets of colors, before putting them all back and settling on this one. How pretty are these?? I really do adore this wash cloth and face scrubbies, and I can't wait to give them a good home! I really need to make a set for myself now, now that these are finished. I gave a set of wash cloths similar to these to my new neighbor as a housewarming gift and they went over very well.

So that's it for now. I'm currently working on a new cowl in green, the next project will be hats that I'm donating to cancer patients, & then in the middle of that I'm learning very slowly might I add, how to make beaded necklaces and bracelets. Hopefully I'll be up to par for Spring and can offer some sparkle beaded babies at that time. Yay!

Before I forget, if you're on Twitter or Facebook you can follow me there as well!

Enjoy your Sunday!

A. Sparkle

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