September 6, 2012

Hell Yes! It's Sushi Thursday.. Bento Box Edition.

Greetings friends!

That's right!?! Two blog posts in one week! For some reason or another, most everyone at my job was in a crappy mood today. Maybe it was because it's a short work week, and everybody knows that short work weeks take much longer than your run of the mill 5 day week. It's like because you got to skip a day, the week is supposed to feel like you only worked two days instead of four, but working four days feels like five days anyway! 

I, on the other hand was looking forward to Food Adventure #28, known as 'Hell yes! It's sushi Thursday!' Keep in mind that I've only had sushi at the most like 2 other times than this, so I am by no means a pro. However I was still excited to try something new. Me and a co-struggler went to this quaint place called Kazu and had sushi on our lunch break.

It's one of those places that you're not totally sure about, but since it's kinda small you know that Grandma or Auntie is in the back making the meals and everything is gonna be alright. The kool thing about Kazu is that they have both Chinese & Japanese food all in the same restaurant. There were so many options to chose from and I loved it!

I decided to go with the deliciousness that is the Bento Box! But first came the egg roll appetizer on a cute little platter. Now if you like Chinese food, you know that all egg rolls are not created equal............... I am a total carnivore, so normally I like a little pork in mine, but this had none and was still superb!   

Next was the great Bento Box!!! Gotta love a lot of choices right!? It came with crab rangoon, yummy red sauce, 4 California rolls, a hellava lot of fried rice, and teriyaki chicken with onions bathed in soy sauce!! To die for.. Total repeat performance...

I don't know if it was because we were the only ones in there, but the staff was very sweet and nice, and the food came quickly as well. Seeing as in they aren't too far away from me in general, I will be going back to grace them with my presence and hard earned duckets in the near future!

I think the next time I go, I will mix it up and stick to all sushi and get the full sushi experience. Did you have a food adventure today too? Let me know!


A. Sparkle


  1. High five for sushi! That Bento Box looks delish! I'd have to say my fave for sushi is spicy surimi. I always have to have some when I'm at my fave Chinese place :)

    1. The Bento box was crazy good! Haven't heard of spicy surimi, but I will have to check it out!


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