May 8, 2013

And After a 6 Month Hiatus...


I've missed you my friends. :) Let's see, what's been going on... The holiday season went awesome and now it's time to research and relax a little for the warmer months. I'm still living it up in the ATL and I've found the lid to my pot, my partner in crime, better known as The Love of My Life! We're very in love and I'm thrilled about it! Yay me!

On the crochet side of things, I've been forced to slow down now, because my hands are mad at me for overworking them. This just gives me time to read up on all of the articles I've been shoving off to the side. You know how it is... You have all of these ideas in your head and you just want to bang em out and get them shown and you can do all the non-creative business side of everything later. Looks like now is later!

Inbetween fights with my hands, I've still managed to do a little work. The idea here is headbands! Great for warm and colder months. :) 

I plan on sewing on some ribbon on the ends that way it's a 'One Size Fits All' kind of situation. So far this is one of two prototypes. Not sure about these yet, so we'll see how it goes. What's your opinion on headbands. Is it a yay or a nay?

In other news... I'm excited that I've gotten a new order for this swirly necklace!

I've been given creative freedom on colors and I'm thinking that purple will be the main color, but I have no idea about what other colors I want to use. Orange? White? Yellow? Who knows for now, but I'll make sure I let you know when it's in the works. I think this necklace is an awesome piece for street style, and I look forward to seeing it worn.

So what are you working on currently? Let me know!


A. Sparkle

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic! That's Awesome!

    Congrats on finding you true love!!!

    and your new commission :)

    Yay for you!!! :)


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