May 22, 2013

It Was Almost a Hulk Out Moment..

Greetings peeps!

You ever been driving home minding your own damn business, waiting in line (a long line at that) so that you can go on through the green light to the next few blocks of freedom, when some dumb dumb decides to cut you off and jump ahead of you in line and almost cause an accident?


That happened just no more than 30 min ago. Me being well...... me... I sped up when I saw what this ass clown was doing to try and squeeze her out and to stop her from cutting in front of me. Let's just be honest here for a moment shall we? It's one thing to LET someone in front of you in traffic. It's a whole other story when someone says, 'Say man... since I can tell that you're a driver that doesn't like to tailgate, let me go ahead and bogard my raggedy ass car in this non-existent space, because I'm too important and don't have time to wait in line like the rest of you. Oh and nevermind the small child that's in my backseat without a seat belt on. I don't care about her well being anyway.' 

Really? So not kool. Oh it called for a total Hulk Out Moment. What is the that, you ask? It's that moment when you're so pissy hot that you pretty much black out and proceed to beat someone down and/or mess with them until they cry and scream in fear that their life here on earth has come to a close. Instead of actually acting on my rage I let my imagine run forth wild, where when we make it through the light I cut her off and once we are on a two lane road I drive so incredibly slow that she gets mad enough to try and pass me, but then I speed up so that she cant and once she is forced to get back behind me because of on coming traffic I slow back down to aggravate her some more and then I speed on while laughing once I'm done with her. Bwahahaha! 

Anyhoo, in other news my birthday is next week on the 29th!! Happy Birthday to ME and all GEMINI'S! I'm excited to be hanging out all around town, having fun, enjoying delicious foods, seeing good movies, and finally going to the GA aquarium! Have a slice of spice cake with butter cream icing on me. :)


A. Sparkle

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