March 3, 2015


Greetings dear friend!

It's that time again to share what you're working on for #WorkInProgressTuesday! This month will bring many new projects for me and I'm excited to share them all with you here and on Instagram. I'm in a total growing period, full of research, change, and creative projects! I like this idea of sharing current projects for the simple reason that everyone generally likes showing off what they're working on. Plus, it's a great way to get feedback and some love on ideas that you are making come to life!

For the past couple of weeks, I've been working on this royal blue infinity scarf (pictures above & below) and I'm really super in love with it! I must say that I'm glad it's done though. A labor of love we'll call it. I seem to have two types of projects that I work on. Ones that I'm just trying to get through and others that I can take time on, detail, and really make special. Is it like that for you too? I was able to take my time on this blue scarf and I poured all my love into it.

Now I'm on to a new project and this one is for myself! It's not often that I get to make a scarf for myself, but I needed a prototype and so I figured what better way to test it out than to make it for yours truly. :)  I made this chunky white scarf a while back and I really wanted to play with that type of yarn again. The thing is, I don't have anymore chunky yarn in stock. What I do have however, is plenty of worsted weight (or normal size) yarn in lots of beautiful colors! So I decided to use two together and this is what I came up with...

If you follow me on Facebook then you will have seen this picture of the beginning of my new project. At first I was going to do a simple double crochet stitch, but I frogged the whole thing and started over mixing the double crochet & a criss-cross double crochet stitch! I love the texture that it brings to the whole look of the scarf.

I wasn't sure how I felt about pink & yellow together after I started working with them, but I started to warm up to it and now I think it looks quite nice actually. It will certainly garner looks and conversation if nothing else. Ha ha. Being at home sick for the last couple of days has allowed me to work on it while watching listening to the tv in-between naps. I'll probably be done with this scarf by the time next Tuesday rolls around and of course I'll show the end results!

So what do you think of the pink & yellow together? What colors would you pair up? What have you been working on lately? Show it off on Instagram with #WorkInProgressTuesday!!



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