July 5, 2009

New Editions to the Family

Happy Post Independance Day!

I hope everyone had a great one. Me and Beloved were going to go to downtown Atlanta, but we didn't feel like fighting major traffic. I'm kinda glad we didn't go because we would've taken and hour trip just to see a 20 min show! Whatever happened to the shows that were 30 min to 1 hr? Next year we are planning to go up to NYC to visit with family and to see the fireworks show that Macy's does every year. It looks amazing on tv, so it should be pretty awesome in person!

Moving on.. These little cuties are the new kittens of the stray that lives on our patio. You can't really see their faces, but they are SOOOO adorable!!! There are three of them if you can't tell, one orange and two white ones.

In a couple of weeks we are planning to adopt one and bring him/her into live with us. Of course it will need to get its shots and everything, but after that, it should be all good. This will be my first real pet, and I'm geeked! I mean.. I have fish and everything right now, but you can't cuddle and pick up fish, ya know? Well.... I guess you could, but ew.. lol. It's rather strange to think about how I used to hate cats and now I'm thinking of bringing one into my house. I guess people really do change.

*><*Update on the painting*><* I did decide to go with the deep purple and it's looking great so far. I can see now that it's gonna take quite a while to finish this, because there is a lot of detail and small spaces that I have to paint within. I will have picture updates soon though.

Alright kiddies I'm calling it a night. Ciao!

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  1. Awww kitties! I am so broody for a kitten right now!


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