December 27, 2009

Shoppers Delight

Whad up,

You've got to love holiday shopping and discounts. In past years I have gone shopping to find great discounts and I ended up buying more things for me than gifts for my friends and family! I mean.. how can you pass up a great deal? But I have a plan for next year..

  1. start a Christmas savings account
  2. begin my shopping after Thanksgiving
  3. buy all Christmas deco and tools AFTER the holiday (great discounts)
  4. finally.. buy my own gift while all the 'after Christmas sales' are going on

Now whether this all comes together, who knows.. But this is my map for success. So today I actually went to Old Navy in search for some $15 jeans. Instead I ended up with three shirts, one of which was only $1.49!!!!!!! A freakin dollar forty-nine!! You can't beat that with a stick...
So did you find any great deals?


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