September 12, 2010

My New 8 Legged Friend...


So on Friday, while I was at work I decided to take a nice little power nap on my afternoon break. Where do you take power naps, whilst at work? In the car, of course!! It was rather hot, so I had the windows cracked. Nothing that I wouldn't normally do. Only this time....... someone decided to join me, without an invitation might I add. I discovered this new friend once I woke up.

Yes.... this my friends is the huge, nasty, green spider that thought it would be fun to keep me company!!!! ::: shivering like Mr. Burns ::: It grosses me out just looking at this picture. Anyway... I quickly rolled up my window and prayed that it would be gone by the time I got off work 2 hrs from then.

This dude had other plans though.. He was still politely hanging in the same spot when I came back outside!!!!!!! So I'm thinking to myself.. 'Hey... no worries! As soon as I hit the interstate the wind will force fling his fragile little body off while I'm driving' So I'm driving....

I get up to 45 mph.. I look over.. and there he still hangs.

I get up to 60 mph.. I look over.... and there he still hangs!

I get up to 80 mph.. I look over........ AND THERE HE STILL HANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the time I get home, he had crawled behind the side view mirror and decided to take up residence! I wasn't about to try and kill him for fear I get jumped on and bit, so I let him be, hoping yet again that he would just go away on his own. But no... I went back out to get dinner and there he hung. Thankful I haven't seen him all weekend so hopeful he did go away.

So that was my spider adventure. Yay.


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