September 9, 2010

Soooo Sweet!

Whad up!

I know its been quite a long time since I've posted anything on here, but that's what happens to you when you start getting involved in your own life! Let's see... updates! Well I've gotten a new job, that I actually really like. There has been some drama with my lack of performance, but that was because everyone wanted to play the 'lets blame the new gurl' game. I got everything straight tho. They weren't gonna hold me down! ha!

I feel like I've grown in a lot of ways over the past few months. I had some hard lessons to learn, mainly about being true to myself, not allowing people to use me, and really finding my self worth. I've pretty much led my life trying to please and do what's right for other people. I realized though that, although sometimes it feels like I'm being selfish, really I have the right to do what makes ME happy at the end of the day. I cant even tell how great that feels!! Geez..

The part of life that I'm most enjoying right now tho, is that I have a new love in my life. (yay for me!) We get along great and are always cheesin all hard at each other. lol. It's sooooooo nice to be in the presence of someone who just allows me to be me. I don't have to pretend or be afraid that I'm gonna come off too corny. AND the best part is that he's not just the type of person who uses up all your good energy and asks for favors and just takes and takes and takes!!! I know that if I do something nice for him, he appreciates it and is giving in return!

So right now life in general is pretty damn sweet. ::: grinning :::

So that's me.. What's going on with you??


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