September 12, 2010

Some Chocolate Wine & a Movie

Hi there,

Have you ever tried chocolate wine?? (for those of us who can legally drink) I bought some a few months back and am really just now truly enjoying it. It has a powerful kick that will make the back of your throat be like, 'WTF??' and it will get you riiiiiiiiiiight! I'm not gonna lie.. I had to water it down with some soy milk and it smoothed it right on out. It's like the adult version of chocolate milk, without all the bubble blowing.

Well.... I guess you could blow bubbles if you wanted to.. but that would mess up the grown & sexy feeling that you'd have while drinking it. And who doesn't like feeling grown and sexxxxxy? I know I do! It makes me wanna curl up next to a fire and read a book or snuggle. I sound like such a gurl right now.. lol! But hey that's just me.

Time for bed!



  1. Never had it but it sounds good haha.. I had Godiva Chocolate Liqueur before though, I used to mix it with hot cocoa in the winter for the warm and fuzzy buzz feeling haha.

  2. You just cant beat the warm and fuzzy buzz feeling. :)


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