September 5, 2012

And Then There were Enchiladas!

Greetings friends!

I've been on a healthy food kick lately if you didn't know. I'm finding that I really do love to cook. A lot of times when I come home I want to take the easy (lazy) way out and just make a sandwich or eat some hotdogs. However, now that I can no longer deny that I am a full fledged grown up that can tell children to go sit down somewhere and they actually listen, I figured that it's time to woman up about cooking. 

I've always generally enjoyed cooking or baking, I was just lazy about it. I mean... who wants to stand in the kitchen for an hour or possibly more to cook a meal when you can just go down to your friendly Micky D's? Well, now I do. I want to stand in the kitchen and make a healthy tasty meal that I prepared with loving care for myself. It's a wondrous things to follow a recipe and it actually turn out tasty and yet it's healthy!

Right now I'm really in love with Skinny Taste recipes, because not only are the recipes yummy, it includes the calorie/points/blah blah blah for whatever 'diet' program you're following. I decided Monday was enchilada night and I figured some yellow rice would go nicely with it.

Top left we have chicken and seasonings cooking up in the skillet, top right is the tomato sauce that you throw together (I added in some Sriracha which I'm newly obsessed about), bottom left is the yellow rice (Zantarain's), and bottom right are the rolled tomato basil tortillas, stuffed with chicken mix, and covered with tomato sauce and a fiesta blend cheese.

The yummy baked gooey goodness that is enchiladas!!

My baking dish wasn't quite wide enough so the ends of the tortillas were turned up. It didn't affect the taste of the enchiladas at all though. I also topped them with some low fat sour cream. SO GOoOoOoD!!

Thursday will be food adventure #28! I'm going to eat sushi for only like the 2nd time in  my entire life. I have no idea what to get other than California rolls. I hear that all 'rolls' are pretty good. I don't know though... Any suggestions??


A. Sparkle

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