September 3, 2012

THE Sparkle Baby...


Well.. I don't know about you, but my Labor day weekend has just been good overall thus far! Things may be looking up for me more than I expected and I like it. I like it a lot. :)

Anyhoo, I wanted to share with you what I've been working on lately. My friends let me introduce to you one of the most favorite things I've made so far.

I consider all of my work to me my little sparkle babies, but this here clutch purse is the ultimate sparkle. It has little gold sparkle flecks to prove it.


It's a great accessory for a fancy dinner date, or even just a great accompaniment for an outfit you want to dress up. I really need to make one for myself, because I am just itching to take this one for a spin around town. It's the type of purse that gives you that extra self confidence when you step out of the house because you know that you are sophisticated and shitty sharp!

As I often do, I was trolling on YouTube for new stitches to try out and use and came across this beautiful criss-cross stitch. I fell in love immediately....

Considering the fact that I don't like carrying a purse where pens can poke through and change can get lost, this purse is lined with a soft cotton fabric and a sturdy interfacing to give it stability. Everything was done by hand, so you know it has extra sparkle love in it! :)

I will also have a matching necklace and bullion bracelet available soon as well, so be on the look out.

Until the next time.....


A. Sparkle

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