July 24, 2014

Get Out of My Spot!

Salutations All!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday so far! In honor of it being Throwback Thursday, here are a couple oldies, but goodies from my past. :)

This 1st picture is from my high school marching band days! Many a day was spend outside in the hot sun doing push-ups, running yard lines, and marching with my clarinet!

This one is from high school too. Me and my besties were chilling outside of my house on a Fall afternoon after school. We were having fun times with Courtney's new camera. Can't you just feel the teenage attitude oozing off of the picture! :op


Just as a warning this is totally just a random post about what I was just thinking about today.... I don't know what type of housing you live in, but I'm in a condo where parking is first come, first serve and it's the same way at my job. I have to know.....

Am I the only one that gets irritated when someone takes your parking spot?

I mean... NO, my name isn't on the spot, but dude.... you see me park there every.single.day. Obviously, I've claimed the spot and now you just decide that you're going to start parking there?? {#comeonson} I know I probably just came off as really hostile about it, but I'm not. It just irks me that I can't park in my favorite spot right now.  :o) Isn't it odd how people do park in the same spot all of the time. Maybe it's a comfort thing? I know at work, I chose a certain spot, because there is a lovely tree there that provides shade. It's great when the temps get super hot, like in the 90 degrees and up kinda hot. That and not that many people can park next to me and dent and/or scratch up my baby!

Do you have a favorite parking spot? What's so great about it? 



  1. My favorite parking spot is "the one that someone always snatches up seconds before I get there." Seriously, it's like they know I'm coming.

  2. lol... I feel like that sometimes too. I also feel like I have the pied piper syndrome where I will park far away from people, yet a million people will park next to me!


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