June 8, 2009



So I've been breaking the law for the last couple of days or so. My car tags are expired. Don't shake your head at me.. As always I procrastenated and waited till the end of the month to get my emissions done and then failed because of my engine. Boooooo to emissions. I hate getting it done.

See I tried to be sneaky about the whole thing. My check engine light as been on for oh... um... a little over a year or so. I thought it was no big deal because it would go on and then it would be gone like a month later. In my mind it was some sort of glitch. So I had Beloved check my codes with his car computer reader thingy (great device) and clear my codes that way I could get my emissions done with no check engine light on. So I go get it done and the man takes my card to charge me $25.00 (insane! what happened to $10.00?) and then has the nerve to tell me my car failed!! AND how about the only reason I failed was because the codes in the computer of my car were cleared away. So in other words...... if your codes have been cleared by you or from having your car worked on, emissions aint playing around and they will fail your a$$! lol... I laugh now... but it was soooo not funny at the time.

So I stopped driving my car and did the carpool thing to work. But to my surprise, someone in maintience (punks) walked around checking all of the cars to see who's tags expired so that they could get towed! So I had a nice little orange sticker in the middle of my window to indicate to tow. That kinda pissed me off only because if I had driven my car I wouldn't have even had that sticker. But my Beloved, the sweetness that he is, scraped it off for me.

At least a funny occurance did happen. When I was riding to work with my friend we saw this guy jogging down the street. Let me describe... Imagine if you will an old man with clown hair, (you know.. bald on top and hair on sides) buff and sweaty w/no shirt, SHORT shorts I'm talking about barely covering the butt, and some sort of dirty white fabric tied around his head like he was the Karate Kid or something, tennis shoes and long old man socks!!?!?! It was not a pretty sight people.. And since then I have seen him almost everyday going to work. I tried to take a picture, but we were laughing too hard and moving to fast. Lol, oh well. Ok, that's it and more updates later. Ciao!

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