June 23, 2009

Red is the new Black


Although I'm feeling dead tired, here I am still up writing like an a$$ clown! Oh, well I felt the need to write. Really my mind is trying to avoid thinking about something stressful and this is the alternative. The show must go on...

I went into Pier 1, one of my favorite stores for home decor and such on one of my lunch breaks last week and saw a few wonderful pieces that I am coveting. I can't even tell you how great it is to have an hour lunch break, but anyhoo.. I was milling around the clearance section and saw this 'jar'. My kitchen has red accents and I thought it would go in there perfectly. It wouldn't do to shabby of a job as a cookie jar either.

So I'm touching everything that I see that I like as I continue walking. (I do this simply because my mother never let me touch anything when we went into stores, in fear that I would break something) I then round the corner to find this painting.

It has a Andy Warhol feel with the repetition of the figure, but I like it. A lot... Very peaceful and I'm drawn to the red for some reason. After Monday I realized that my new color for the summer is gonna be red. I feel a good connection to it right now, and some believe that it is the color that helps to keep you grounded. Two of my co-workers even told me that I looked really good in red! Yay, for me, ^5.

Yeah.. that's it for now. Ciao!

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