June 20, 2014

Pinterest Food Challenge: Week 3!

Greetings friends!

Welcome to the Pinterest Food Challenge: Week 3!

 If you missed last week’s post, you can click here. Here’s how this works:

Because it’s really easy to get into a food rut and get bored with eating the same thing over & over, I thought it would be great to actually try the recipes from my pin board. Everything looks so yummy on Pinterest that I figured I couldn’t go wrong. So all you have to do is pick out one recipe that you’d like to try each week, takes pictures, blog about it, then come on over here and add your link to the linkup at the bottom of the post! Sounds fun, no? Don’t forget to give me a shout out in your post and if you’re on Instagram use the tag #PFC or #PinterestFoodChallenge so we can all find you!  
Well folks, it's been a fairly busy week for me! I did however manage to cook my Pinterest meal and so did my co-worker. She made Coconut Chicken, Jasmine Rice, and it was served with a Sweet Chili Sauce. Very good. Click here for the recipe if you'd like to try it yourself!

This week, I made a Tater Tot Casserole and I chose it because, I wanted to be done in one shot. Sometimes you just don't want to put forth the effort of making sides in addition to a main dish. So needless to say, I was so excited to have dinner just waiting & ready when I got home! No more assembly required. I was a little concerned at the stability of the tots and whether or not they would hold up. They didn't... (lol) but they still tasted great! This was probably one of the best meals I've made! Here's the rundown of ingredients:

~Tator tots (frozen) ~ Grilled Chicken ~ Bacon ~ Onion ~ Garlic ~ Sharp Cheddar Cheese (Shredded) ~ Butter (to sauté said onions & garlic) ~ Milk ~ Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (dried packet) ~ It also called for frozen mixed veggies, but er um... I think those are gross, so I nixed them! ~

I actually did most of the prep at 5:30 am before I went to work so that when I came home for lunch, I could just throw everything together. Surprisingly enough, the instructions called for only four hours of cooking. I was so enthralled in getting everything done that I forgot to take a lot of pictures of the process. My bad.. I'll do better next week! :)


The finished product. :)

It didn't come out as aesthetically pleasing as I had hoped for. However it's so good that it'll make you hurt yourself! I will be making this again next week, if not this weekend. That's how good it was! So what did you make this week?!? Did it turn out well? :) Share it with us and add your blog post to this weeks linkup! :) Bon Appetit!



  1. What a fun idea, I am so going to have to get a Pinterest account, those meals look amazing :) T.

    1. What?? No Pinterest account? You must get one. I will warn you that it will send you down the rabbit hole, so to speak and you will lost for hours just happily pinning away! Thanks, for stopping by. :)

  2. This sounds yummy. I am putting up my Pinterest food challenge now.

    1. Yay, for putting up your challenge! Can't wait to see what it is!!

  3. Wow, coconut and chicken :D That really sounds like a great combination. I am very curious to the taste.

    1. Yeah, it's and pretty interesting dish. I think I will make it myself in the next coming weeks.


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