June 22, 2014

Weekend Rambles...

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! So far, we've done some shopping downtown, tried some new restaurants (new to me anyway), and now it's time to get some housework and writing done. In the meantime I'll also be catching up on some movies that I have on my DVR. Yay! Speaking of which, we just watched 'Just Enough'. I knew I would like it, and it was funnier than I expected! Have you seen it too?
* I'm proud to say that I have finally chosen a college that will work for what I want to major in. Going back to school is way intimidating to me. Just thinking about having to take all the general classes again.. Blech! The only one I really fear is math. Lemme tell you something.. I am where math goes to die!!! The numbers race at me full speed ahead just to bounce off my head and fall dead to the ground. Lol. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Unless the teacher is really good and patient, then it's going to be a very long semester. People always tell me that math isn't hard because the rules never change, but I think that's what makes it hard for me. The rules can't bend and change like they can when you're interrupting a story or book so I feel constricted.
* Do you have a hobby? I always seem to have something that I'm into, but I never consider them hobbies. Take crochet for instance.. I don't consider that a hobby, but other people do. Sometimes, people are even shocked when I say I have a business selling crochet items. I try to figure out if they think it's weird that I have a business or that selling crochet stuff is business at all. Either way, it seems that I should be mildly offended. Ha ha. :)
* Have you seen those women that wear heels all the time? I've had some friends say that their heels are more comfortable than tennis shoes. I don't find this to be true. Let's think about this for a min shall we? Any shoe that forces your foot to be positioned in such a way as to where you have to walk on the balls of your feet all day cannot be comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love heels. My feet just don't. :op
Okay, that's it for today kiddies. Share your thoughts with me.


  1. Good luck with school and math. Relaxing, and telling myself I like math helped me get through the last required course (ages ago).
    I think in the future somebody is going to make a lot of money treating the feet of women wearing those not foot natural on tippity toes heels. The highest shoes I've worn are 3 inch heels, in 1976, and that was only about four or five times. They are my favorites, open toe wood with suede and leather uppers. I have them wrapped with a note to bury them with me when I pass away.

    1. Thanks! I have the feeling I'm going to need it. Maybe this time around it won't be so bad since I'm older and wiser now. ;o)

      Lol! Yes... someone is going to get fistfuls of money to correct the damage that heels will do. Have you seen these heels without heels?!? Like, whaaaa? It's hard enough having the little heels in the back to support you and now they want to take it away.... No thanks!

      lmao @ the note. I have that pair to be buried in too though. :)

  2. I'm the same about math. I purposely chose a major with as few math requirements as possible!!

    1. The first time around I was glad I only had to take one math class for my major.. Now I'm subjecting myself to more! Lol.. theta's the way it goes though. (o:


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