June 2, 2014

Weekly Wishes #12

Greetings Friends! 

Its that time again for weekly wishes! Did you set any goals for last week? If so, how did they go? Are you just joining me? Let me explain what happens for Weekly Wishes..
The Happenings: You share your weekly, monthly, or yearly goals/wishes/achievements and you get to be a part of this big group of people that are doing the same thing. Yay! Wanna join in? Check out The Nectar Collective and add a link to your blog!

Happy Monday you guys! The past week and a half went by in a flurry! Now that my birthday as past, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. I didn’t get the opportunity to write a lot last week, but I’ll be making up for it this week. Lots of writing and crochet will be done in the following days, so let’s hope I can stay organized. Do you ever feel like you’re about to start a ‘New Season’ in your life? Something like be changes are about to happen for you? That’s how I feel and my wishes this week will reflect that. I know I missed a post for last week, so let’s talk about what happened the last time I made some wishes. :)

Last Weeks Wishes 

* Meditate Daily – This was a bit of a struggle for me surprisingly. It was almost as if I just couldn’t fit the time in to do this one. I will continue to work on this though, because I feel like it’s important. Plus, it will help build up my discipline.  

* Yoga - Oddly enough I did more yoga than I did meditating! It seemed like whenever I had a free moment I was striking a pose. Having the Daily Yoga app on my phone really made a difference. I just discovered that you can follow a few 10 day programs on there, so I just started one yesterday. I'm pretty geeked about it. Before long I'm going to build muscle and become quite flexible!  

* Finish The Body Book - I did it! Now it's in the hands of my mother so that the knowledge will continue to spread. Now it's time to put all of that know-how to good use.  


This Weeks Wishes 

* Research Colleges - I've been talking about making a career change and I've finally decided to do coding, as in build websites. Yay! I already have a degree in art and now this will give me the technical side of things. The best things about this choice is that the IT field is booming right now and is projected to keep on growing, I can still work at my same job, but possibly switch positions, and I can work freelance... Cha-Ching! So it's time to see what school is going to work best for me. I'm hoping that I won't have to be in school forrrrevvvverrrr to reach my goal, but I'm prepared to do what it takes to get to where I want to be. 

* Food Prep - I'd really like to start preparing my lunches the night before as well as chop up anything that I may need the for dinners I'll make the day before. That way I'll have more time to devote to the things I love to do. Plus, it's just good to be organized. I feel so much better when I am. 

* Send Packages - I was really supposed to go to the post office over the weekend and just didn't! I just gotta pick a day and do it. Yuck... 

Okay peeps, tell me what's going on in your world. What are you trying to accomplish this week or even this month? Let me know! 



  1. I feel like succeeding at your yoga goal totally balances out the meditation goal. :) I absolutely need to get back to it, but for some reason, it's so easy to fall out of practice.

    Going back for another degree sounds awesome! And I could definitely see IT fitting in with your Art background. I keep wondering if there's something more I want to learn... officially.

    Happy Monday!

    1. Yes! I totally agree with you. I don't know why it's easy to fall out, but it is.I guess it's just like anything else though. It takes effort.

      Haha! Officially, is totally the word.. I love to learn new things on my own, but legit is really good too. Helps make money.. ;o)

      Happy Monday you to as well!

  2. I too would like to effect a change toward my well being, and I keep setting a start date in which to begin, but it keeps getting pushed back. And the change I want to make is move more and eat better [the last holiday did not help]. A recent acquisition of the Body Book, I will read it and glean some new info and hopefully some motivation. I must make some changes for my health and a very special up coming event :O)

    1. I know exactly what you're talking about. I figure I may as well just do it. I do so hope you enjoy reading the book. I know that it's helped me understand and know a lot more about living a healthy lifestyle. Good luck!

  3. I hate yoga, lol but I love to meditate. This time of year I do water aerobics because it is too darn hot to do anything else considered exercise. I love to prep meals ahead, it is very convenient.

  4. How can you hate yoga?? Lol.. oh well. Never thought about doing water aerobics, but that's a great idea.. now just to find a pool. :)

  5. I really like your idea of going back to school to learn how to code. I use to pride myself in being able to code, and still can to a degree, but it is so much more complex now than when I started 10 years ago. Good luck with that!

    As for me, just making it through this week, then maybe next week. I find like I am busy but not busy enough to do the small tasks that need to be done, if that makes any sense.

    1. Thanks! I'm really excited about it. A little nervous too. :) Yes I know exactly what you mean with the busy thing.

      Hope you're having a great week!


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