June 15, 2014

Weekend Rambles..

Greetings peeps!
Are you just joining for Weekend Rambles? I like to think of this as a non-judgment, free flowng thought kind of space. I'm curious about and welcome your rambles and thoughts for today. Enjoy!
This has been a wonderfully relaxing weekend for me. Yesterday, I just chilled out for the most part and caught up on some TV watching, some sleeping, and did as much crocheting as my hands would allow. Then after going on a new food adventure for dinner(post soon to come), we went to the mall and found that Macy's was having a one day sale and was staying open till 11 o'clock. Needless to say, I bought some things. :) I've never shopped at their one day sales before, but now that I know the goodness of it..... I will go again! I hope you all have had an equally good if not great weekend! Let's do some rambling..
* Since we just talked about shopping.. For whatever reason, people always seem to feel the need to stop in the middle of isles and/or walkways. I don't understand this. You know there are people walking all around you, right? Yet you stop mid-stride to talk on the phone or look at something causing me (and everyone else) to bump into you. Move your stuff or you cart over to the side and get the BLEEP outta the way dude! Geez..
* Did you see what they call the 'Honey Moon'? It's always amazing to see those big orangy moons. It seems to hold a special kind of mystery when it's not the 'normal' moon color. Apparently, they call this full moon a Honey Moon, because it's more likely to stay that honey color all through the night.
* I've been crocheting lately, right? I chose this specific pattern for some baby booties that I wanted to make and it is kicking my ass! Part of the instructions didn't make sense to me and quite personally I think it's written wrong. My inner Tim Gunn said 'Make it work!' and so I did. I will not be defeated! :o) To may yarn addicts, do you have a lot of trouble with patterns?
* I've often wondered how many people really go to the theater. For whatever reason, I've had a hankering to go see a play. I think the last time I saw one was back in 2001 when I went home with my best friend for Spring Break in college! I don't need to see a big huge production. I'd be good with going to a small Playhouse. Have you gone to any plays lately?
* I'm actually sitting here watching cartoons. It's one of those times when you turn the TV on and there it is, so you watch it.. Whatever happened to Saturday morning cartoons? I used to LIVE to watch those. I would wake up sometimes at 6:30 am and start watching Muppet Babies and then I would surf through the different channels to watch my favorite ones. Didn't even need cable to watch cartoons then. Of course the morning was concluded with Saved By the Bell & California Dreams. Then it was time to get dressed and go outside and play. Good times, man. Good times.
* Speaking of childhood, we went to Academy Sports store the other day and were riding around on the bikes in the store. I literally almost ran into some shelves, because I was trying to stop and the bike was too tall for me! It was fun and I probably hadn't ridden a bike in 15 + years. I think it would be nice to go bike riding again. Do you have a bike and go riding?
Okay, this is it for me peoples. Have a great weekend!


  1. I am glad you had such a relaxing weekend! I think I saw a different colored moon here, but I know what you mean. Sometimes it gets a different color here too, I have been told it is because of Sahara sand that has blown our way.

    1. Hmmm... Interesting. Never heard of the desert being the cause. Actually now that I think about it, I never questioned why it was a different color.. I'll have to look that one up! :)


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