December 18, 2014

Invoking Your Inner Creative

Salutations Friends!

For a while now, I've been wanting to do a post about being creative and what inspires people to be creative. I have periods of time when I can really tap into my inner creative and come up with all kinds of things covered in awesome sauce. Then other times I just feel like all my creativity is all dried up and I'm just wandering around lost.

I dunno how anyone else is, but I almost have to set the mood to be in a creative space. I typically have more juices flowing when it's after midnight and it's just me, my project, & the silence that night time brings. It's kinda like you don't have all the sounds and distractions of the waking hours and can just concentrate on the task at hand. It's when I've done my best work. Another time I'm at my creative best is when I've seen someone else's work that I really liked.  It could be paintings, sculptures, woodworking, fashion, cooking, or whatever. If it is creative then I can be inspired from it.

A couple years ago, I was able to see KAWS artwork at The High Museum of Art here in Atlanta and it was so awesome! I loved how he kind of re-created the Simpson's and called them the Kimpson's (among other cartoon characters). I wouldn't have thought about doing that, but seeing someone else's idea or take on something makes me think outside the box!

COMPANION: Passing Through
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I'm also a fan of my friend Courtney's artwork. He's been amusing the hell outta me since high school with this drawings. And the things he can do with color pencils are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I've secretly been a little envious of his abilities since I first saw what he could do. I just found this doodle the other day that he did when we were in Spanish class that absolutely cracked me up! Our teacher Ms Finny would always be running of at the mouth and whatever she said she would end in 'Por favor!'

'Silencio, por favor!'

'Everyone sit down, por favor!'

'Open your books, por favor!'

And of course being teenagers, we were bored or sleep and wouldn't pay her any mind.

I've read numerous things where people advise "stocking up" of your creative ideas, so that when you don't feel creative you can nab one of your previous ideas. I've tried this before and it doesn't really work that well for me. I'm just not as passionate about the subject matter anymore once the moment has passed. So I thought I'd look up a few things and see what other advice is out there.

Wiki-How has a laughable 3 step version on how to be creative. I mosdef fail at all 3! It's a work of art! How can it not be personal? on the other hand gave some goodies that make sense to try out when you're in a my-brain-is-empty-of-all-creative-goodness mode.

Funders and Founders says to destroy, be wrong,  & be brave (as well as 28 others tips)! You should definitely check this one out!

So when are you at your most creative? Do you have to set the mood? And what do you do when you have a creative block?



  1. Ooh, I'd like to see more of Courtney's artwork. I love colored pencils.

  2. I love KAWS artwork. Being creative is so tough for me. I really need to be in that mindset. I don't think I can force it!

  3. That's just how I work too! I am in SUPER CREATIVE mode and HAVE to craft the thing I just saw RIGHT NOW, and by the time all the supplies I ordered to make said thing arrive, it's very possible I no longer am in to it! I wish I didn't work that way, but I just do! Ah well :)

  4. I think we all have creative bursts and then times when we get into a funk. Sometimes writing them down in a "creativity journal" might help, or so I'm told. I've always wanted to do it, but never have (yet).


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