December 12, 2014

It Brightens My Day!

Greetings peeps! 

Congratulations on making it through another work week! Its Divine Friday so let's have some fun. How does Divine Friday work, Sparkle? Through the week, I try to find The Divine in my everyday life and take a picture. I choose which one I think is the best and I share it here with you guys! I post it on my Instagram and Pinterest using the hashtag #DivineFriday. You should join in the fun too! Just snap a shot of whatever made you smile this week and share it on your Instagram or whatever social media of your choosing. Sounds easy, right? :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I can't even tell you how happy I am that its friday!! So happy Friday to you!! As you may know, I've been doing a mega amount of crocheting. It's that time of year were everyone wants something warm, soft, and comfy. Crochet R Us is definitely in effect! That's my posting has been a little lite as of late. So anyway, did I ever tell you that I absolutely love gerber daisies!?

My favorite color + my favorite flower =
yellow gerber daisies!

I consider this me fulfilling one of my monthly goals. The one where I said I would do things to take care of myself and make me happy. It's not often that I buy fresh flowers for the house, but I do love to do so. I happened to be near Whole Foods (which I adore) and I know that they have the best flowers... Sooooo, flowers were bought! In my opinion, The Divine is all over these guys.  :) I mean, yellow is the happiest color EVER, so having yellow flowers is a guaranteed uplifter! Am I right? 

So tell me lovely friends, where did the see The Divine this week? 


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