February 17, 2015


Greetings friend!

Although the super busy season is over for crochet, it’s still winter and scarves, hats, & the like are still in demand! Now, I don’t know how you are about your craft, but I still work even in the off season. What can I say? I have a yarn addiction! :) So in celebration of our craftiness or artisanisms (yeah.. I just made up a word). I thought it would be fun if we could show off what we are working on. The joys.. The struggles.. The Triumphs! And I shall deem this day W.I.P.T (“Whipped”) for Work In Progress Tuesday!!!

I don’t care what it is you’re working on whether it be a quilt, building a dog house, felting a hat, baking bread, or painting your living room! Let’s share our projects and encourage one another! I of course, will be posting about my adventures in crochet (for the most part), but feel free to hashtag #WIPT to whatever it is you’re working on or have just completed.

I’ll be participating with my #WIPT projects on my Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Follow me and share your photos of what you’re working on.

Last week I was working on a white chunky yarn scarf for a client. I can't say that I've been a big fan of chunky yarn, but I'm definitely warming up to it! This is only the 2nd chunky yarn scarf I've done and I totally dig it!

I really must make one of these for myself, but with big buttons. :) The sad part is that I've had 3 skeins of chunky yarn for years now to make a scarf for myself and I just haven't done it. Such is the life of a crocheter.. So, now I'm on to the next project which is a royal blue infinity scarf. It's gonna be nice & wide and long enough to wrap around the neck twice! I'm pretty geeked about it!!

So tell me peeps, what's your work in progress project?

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