February 1, 2015

30 Days to a New You!

Greetings friends!

We've made it to February and I'm still excited about doing new lifestyle changes for this year! I am determined to get back on track by taking better care of myself and one way I'm doing that is by getting my meditation on. Yes, I'm talking about sitting in a cross-legged position holding my pointer finger and thumb together and chanting 'OMMMMMM’. The effects really are glorious!

Although I tend not to show it so much in public, I carry a lot of anxiety and it hits the hardest when I’m around high strung people for long periods of time. Mediation is a great way for me to come back to center and feel balanced again. I feel more alert and calm when I meditate on a consistent basis. So what do you do when you need practice? Duh! You join a 30 day meditation challenge!

Sometime last year I happened upon a 30 day yoga challenge through DoYouYoga.com. It's a totally awesome website where you can find out everything under the sun about yoga and meditation. A major rabbit hole is what it really is, because if I read one post then I end up reading at least 5 more!

Here are a few benefits of meditation:

Reduces Stress 

Encourages a Healthier Lifestyle 

Slows Down Aging (woo hoo!) 

Improves Concentration & Clarity  

You Become More Self Aware

Reduces Pain Brought on by Tension  

What's there not to love about everything on that list? And all I did was list a few! I implore you to do something good for yourself today..... I dunno, with maybe meditating! :) So will you be brave enough to join the challenge with me?? I think you should. Just click here to sign up! 



  1. I may have to do something like this. It was my resolution to meditate (or at least have some quiet reading time) and I haven't gotten on that yet...

    1. You should totally do it! Today is only day 2 on the challenge so it's a great time to join.. Plus meditation is just plain awesome!

  2. Meditation is super awesome...good reminder!

    Popping over from the EBT...


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