February 25, 2015

My Paleo Adventures


It's a rainy, cold day with the threat of a snow storm. It's the perfect kinda day for writing and sharing, no? Sometime back I mentioned that I was looking into changing my eating habits and giving Paleo a nudge. I like the fact that it's a lifestyle and not a diet... My bestie gave me a really good starting point by recommending Michelle's Nom Nom Paleo! Her website is fun to read, her recipes seem very easy and so far are radly delicious! I must admit tho, that I've only made one recipe so far which is her Garbage Stir Fry which included:

Bell Peppers


Last week to get my feet wet, I decided that I was going to go a week without bread! I am the sammach queen, so this was a big deal for me. :) For our dinners I cooked nothing but meat and veggies and I was really pleased with the results! It forced me to be more creative with what I was cooking instead of relying on breads and pastas which is pretty standard around my house. I even ended up losing 2 lbs! Yip yippie!

I really enjoyed last weeks eats and so I figured why not try it again with the meat & veggies thang. So this week I'm going to try another recipe from Nom Nom Paleo & cook  Sauteed Shrimp & Veggies! I've got my fresh shrimp and broccoli ready to roll for tonights meal and for the rest of this weeks line up I'll prepare Grilled Chicken, Broccoli & Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Another Garbage Stir Fry, and Baked Chicken, Corn on the Cobb, & Roasted Brussel Sprouts with a Bacon Aioli sauce. Yum!

I know that I'm not full on practicing the Paleo lifestyle, but I need to bring in all the changes like a stealthy ninja. Quietly and slowly so that my brain doesn't freak out! Ha Ha. So let's consider this Phase 1 on implementing a new program. Have you tried any new recipes lately?



  1. I had a friend visit me to go camping for a week(I spend winters RV'ing around Joshua Tree, CA) and once I had said "Yeah, it will be fun!" she dropped the P-Bomb on me....

    I wasn't really educated in what the Paleo diet was, but I imagined feeling uncomfortable eating my meals in front of her in the way a person might be if drinking alcohol in the presence of a newly sober alcoholic.

    Of course it was all fine. But it DID seem to have me focusing on just how much pasta I consume. No doubt I have other food hurdles to jump which are more pressing, like sugar and salty things - And non-food concerns, like achieving world peace....As you can see, I have a looong way to go!

    1. Hey there Terrie! Hee hee.. I think I probably would've run the same scenario in my mind about being uncomfortable eating around my friend.. I do that even now if I go out and I'm gobbling down a burger and my friend gets a healthy salad with no dressing, which is just insane in my book..;)

      It really does make you aware of how much bread and pasta you eat. Here I was thinking that I was a well rounded food adventurer just to find out I eat the same thing all the time! I felt a little ashamed at myself for having such a boring food palette! Well.. Not really ashamed, but most definitely shocked.

      We'll see how it all goes.. Good luck with conquering sweets, salty snacks, and world peace & such. :)


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