November 6, 2011

Daylight Savings and the Dead Eyed Girl

Happy Sunday!

It's time again for daylight savings time and we gain an hr, which is always sweet. It turns bitter though when you're sitting at work thinking it should be time to go and normally is, BUT! you still have one more freakin hour to go. (sad face) What can you do? I'll appreciate the extra hr of sleep though!

So yesterday I had to get my brakes done, which actually turned out easier than I thought it was gonna be. Not that it's hard....... but I'm saying, the last time I had to get my brakes done... it cost me 400.00 smack-a-roos and that's just not kool. AT ALL! This time it was less than 200.00 so I was very happy about that, since I still have money for important things like buying shoes and pay-per-view movies. (just kidding) I did go to Delia's Chicken Sausage Stand though.

I must tell you that I have this talent of sorts.

I can look at old restaurants and tell what they used to be. This one was the great greasy spoon of the south, Waffle House. It has the same windows, lighting, and even tile on the floors. I guess Delia liked Waffle House decor. So of course it had that warm, inviting feeling of WH, but with a hip new twist and I'm digging it till I run into this mug below.......

Yes..................... She looked exactly like this and was damn near rude, even though everyone else was very friendly. You've all seen this expression before. It's the 'I'm at work on a Saturday when I should be doing (fill in the blank) and I'm gonna take my revenge out on you since you have the nerve to actually be here standing in my line whilst I'm at work of all places!!!!!!' look.. Notice the uninterested dead look in her eyes...? Yep.. It was just like that. No exaggeration. It's times like these that you try to restrain yourself from punching people like this, because they are messing up the rotation of your good day. Oddly enough there was a glass pitcher right in from of her that had a message taped to it that said, 'Sexy People Tip.' I guess I wasn't sexy that day, because dead eyed girl wasn't about to get a tip of any kind except for 'Don't eat the yellow snow.' lol!

I ended up getting what they call "The Hot Mess". It was weird ordering it talmbout (=talkin about), 'Yeah.. Lemme get a hot mess....' There's no reason for you to ever say that in real life! You talk about someone being a hot mess, not eating one. lol. Anyway, it was a chicken sausage link, jalapenos, tomatoes, black beans, cheese, and some kinda chili sauce all on a toasted bun. It was decent. Good alternative for when you want something a little bit different.

Yep.. so that was my Saturday adventure.. A little time playing
adult, deciphering restaurant architecture, drawing cartoons of dead eyed girls, and eating hot messes. Can't beat it with a stick right? (smile)

A. Sparkle

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