November 25, 2011

Day 1 of Thanksgiving Weekend


I thought I'd share a little of my Thanksgiving food adventures with you. I made the drive up to my parents house and helped with some of the prep and making of the food. The clean up after the nights cooking was quite large.

Mom and I decided we needed some homemade chocolate chip cookies to keep us going through the night. Nothing like a nice warm, sweet and delicious cookie to motivate you, no?

As you can see we got plenty of motivation...... We needed it though for the turkeys!

Next we were on to the peach pies. In the words of Rachel Ray, Yum-O!!

Fresh peaches, cinnamon, nutmeg, whole cloves (removed before baking), sugar, and plenty of butter and pie crust on top. Forgive me for not having a pic of the completed product, but trust me I say it was might-a-lee good!

We also made macaroni and cheese, dressing, AND cream mashed sweet potatoes. Do I really have to tell you everything was homemade.... This wasn't even all of the food. I'll tell you about TG Day in the next post. Until then I hope everyone is having fun with family, eating great food, and being very thankful.


A. Sparkle

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