May 17, 2012

Things I Love Thursday.. the Food Experiment.


I know it's been a while since last we talked, but you know like the title says.... Life Happens! At least I made it back in time for Things I Love Thursday right?? Yep. I must tell you that one of the things I love to do is hunker down and read Joy the Baker's blog! Oh by the way.. she has an awesome cookbook out too, so go support her and buy it here! Anyhoo... Being that I love to experiment in the kitchen, (although I don't do it as much as I would like...) I really reeeeeeally, wanted to make something new and creative that I hadn't tried before. So where did I turn to? Joy, of course! I found this scrumdiddaleeumcious recipe I knew I had to try or I would perish!!!! 

Well maybe not perish.... but something similar to it.

So I ran off to Whole Foods to get my supplies. Everyone knows that the best place to shop for pretty foods and feel faux-rich is at Whole Foods. It's so neat and clean and organized in there, that you have no choice but to feel immediately uplifted. Of course because you feel uplifted, you don't mind paying ten dollars for lettuce or six dollars for a pack of hotdogs... You tell yourself  it's okay, because it's organic.... It's healthy to the max... and it's worth it dammit it! It's all apart of the faux-rich experience.. You just scoff at the prices as if they are chump change....

That is until you get to the register and see the total damage of your faux-rich experience. I digress though......

So here it is..

The Experiment!!!

The only thing I forgot to snag a picture of was the honey... However its sticky goodness is all up in through this dish. Oh wait... I forgot to picture the butter too... I think I ran out of cute containers to put stuff in. Oh well... You get the idea though... 

I don't think I've ever actually eaten a hazelnut outside of the flavoring in let's say... coffee or Nutella, but! I have discovered that I now love hazelnuts themselves aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I triple love polenta!! It's like a way better creamier version of grits. I believe that grits and polenta could be twins, it's just that polenta is the cuter one. (Stop lying to yourself if you don't think that in the case of twins, one always looks better than the other one) 

So ta-da!!!! Now go find you a Joy the Baker recipe and impress yourself by your cooking skills. 

The End.


A. Sparkle 


  1. Well done for making it back and sharing with us a wonderful recipe. That looks very interesting. I'm not sure I've heard of polenta. Is this a breakfast dish? So good to stop by your blog.

    1. Interesting indeed! I think it can be an anytime dish.. I've been eating the polenta with just honey in it and it's super yummy! Try it and see. :) Thx for stopping by.

  2. That actually looks really good. I haven't had breakfast yet...still though it looks GOOD!

    1. First of all, what are you doing up so early?? :) Courtney.... it's wonderfully good. I will make you some when I see you next.

  3. Hi there,
    found you via BloggingBuddies on Etsy and enjoyed reading my first post on your blog a lot. I love polenta (= Italian kind of grits), which you can prepare in all kinds of ways. Never saw this one, but I am open to trying new things. Like blogging.
    I am now your latest follower and would love for you to stop by mine


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