May 1, 2012

What's the New New?

Greetings kinfolk!

I'm thrilled to show you what I've been working on for the past couple of days. I recently got an order for one of my 'Earring Hangy Thingys'. To my surprise, the customer wanted it in Carrot/orange, which I loved simply because it's a fun color, and I hadn't made it using that color yet. 

I think it came out beautifully, which I knew it would because I do good work...... (I'm just sayin'), and it is cutely wrapped, packaged and ready to go. The EHT was created when I was first teaching myself how to crochet. I had just bought a 'How to crochet kit' from Wally World (Walmart for those of y'all that don't know) and I was struggling to understand the pictures in the book. The book by the way is rather horrible to learn by. So as Homer Simpson would say, 'Prasie Jee-buss' that I had some assistance from my mother who I was surprised to learn, knew how to crochet and when I wasn't under her tutelage my best friend was YouTube.  So anyway, I was practicing how to do what I thought was the correct stitch (and it wasn't), and ended up finishing a whole rectangle.  Then I thought to myself , 'What am I going to do with this rectangle masterpiece I just created??? I know! Use it as a freakin earring organizer!!!'

The 'Masterpiece'

It's all misshapen and uneven, but it still hangs proudly on my bedroom wall today smothered in jewelry. To be abused with necklaces and heavy earrings on it, I'd say it's held up pretty damn well, to be my very first project!

At some point, my earring collection grew... (probably because I'm a jewelry whore) and so I had to make another one for myself. This happens to be THE Earring Hangy Thingy in the photos in my shop.

I think I've come quite a ways and I really and truly do love having my EHT's! It's really very nice not to have to dig through clumps of necklaces and whatnot, just to find my earrings, and I get to show off what I got too. Ha! So ladies and gents that is the story of how the EHT was born. Ta-Da. 
The End!


A. Sparkle

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